Rowan University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There is a lot of school spirit around campus. There is not a day that goes by without seeing several students sporting Rowan colors.


My classmates tend to be studious and focused individuals.


My classmates are more than just peers, they are also educators. Each one comes from a different background, have encountered different experiences and have different lessons they can teach me.


They are very queit and akward, mostly talking to other engineers.


My classmates are awesome! At Rowan everyone helps each other suceed and we all hang out together.


The majority are thankfully very passionate about their studies.


My classmates seem to be friendly, and they like tohave debates.


Classmates are clever creatures with odd weekend habits.


My classmates have all been very open-minded, while overall being respectful.


I find many of them to be echoes of the same shallow, arrogant brats that were my classmates during my first stint as an undergrad.


They are focused and willing to help when needed


Mostly Jersey kids. super friendly!


around 10,000 students, very diverse.


Rowan's student body is pretty diverse. There are a lot of study abroad students on campus. Rowan has a few groups that cater to different groups including the LGBT community. I think the only person that would feel out of place at Rowan is someone who doesn't take the time to get to know people or someone who doesn't bother trying to find fellow students through social networks. The four tables in the dining hall would be: sorority/fraternity table, the RTF and Journalism majors, science/engineering majors and Study Abroad students. Most Rowan students are from the surrounding area, other parts of New Jersey or students studying abroad from different countries.


There is a vast majority of groups on campus dealing with the different groups. No one would feel out of place at rowan. Students usually wear jeans and t-shirts or sweaters. There aren't many cliques. Financial backgrounds include lower and middle class


I have not had any bad experience with discrimination (and I am an international student from Mexico), I actually have friends from all different backgrounds, and all the majors.


ALl the diferent students interact all the time.


The campus is pretty diverse, and as long as you're willing to make friends, so is everyone else. Most students dress really casual to class...pajamas are common. The student body is mostly liberal - there were people celebrating outside when Obama won the election.


Like any other school, most are okay, some are not. I see it in the younger levels mostly, but I guess that's the way it is all the time. Like I said earlier, sometimes it sounds like a complaint factory. I would say something about the student body's drinking habits too, but I don't think it's much different anywhere else you go.


Most students are from New Jersey but there are definitely a good number of those who are from out of state. However, because all your friends are from the same state it is easy to get together and keep in touch over breaks.


i feel like rowan is mainly a commuter school. i've met people from all different areas of new jersey, but on weekends, the campus can seem like a ghost town.


A lot of groups really stress diversity, but as a whole campus people are pretty laid-back about everything. I would assume that anyone could find somewhere to fit - we're at least large enough for that. Most students are from New Jersey, but I've met a few from out-of-state. There are groups that are active and political, but I wouldn't say the student body as a whole was; if someone wanted to be, they wouldn't be out of place but at the same time they won't be met with a barage of other politically active students, though pretty much everyone has an opinion.


One of the things I first noticed - and liked - about Rowan was the diversity. Coming from a REALLY diverse high school, it was an important factor in my college decision. We cover all races, and we have a really good study abroad program so we tend to host a lot of people from abroad. The best way to describe Rowan's student body is chill. We all wear sweatpants to class (unless of course you're coming from an internship or other job as an upperclassman) and you can count on that un-showered, unshaved, just got back from the gym kind of look. One tip: don't wear printed p.j.'s to class if they look like p.j.'s - it's just weird. Always go for the sweatpants! We really don't have a stuck-up student body. I've never had a problem with feeling out of place or unwelcome.


My classmates at Rowan are very intelligent and exhibit self control. They are very helpful and generally friendly with one another.


Focused and driven to work, but still social.


My classmates were from all over New Jersey with all different perspectives learning to come together to learn together and to teach each other simultaneously.




Most of my classmates are diengaged; they don't care about their grades or social life, they only care about getting through classes to the weekend and graduating.


My classmates are very kind and are always willing to help, even if it seems last minute.


My classmates tend to be very similiar to me.


Classmates are diverse.


They are all in the same major as me and we all need to learn the same things to get the same jobs.


My classmates are very friendly, helpful people.


My classmates (especially those in my major) are optimistic and ready to work. Most are hard working but seek to have an equal balance of their social life but are more than willing to work very hard.


My classmates are jocks, potheads, skaters, ghetto, preppy, and gamers.