Rowan University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Rowan University is most known for producing high quality teachers through a dual major program. The program requires intensive practicum and field experience for students to hone their teaching skills. When they graduate, students have a Bachelors degree both in Education and in the core curriculum content area of their choice, a certificate of eligibility to teach, and experience with resume writing and interviewing with local school principles and super intendents.


Rowan is best known for being the school you apply to even if you don't necessarily want to attend.


In the past it was best known for teaching.


Rowan's strongest program areas are the sciences (physics, bio, chem), mathematics, its engineering departments, and the music department. In fact, there are a significant number of students who are both dual math and music majors.


My school is known for its engineering program it is on of the best in the nation.


I think the school is best know for the engineering program. The most recent grant was from the Rowan family and it went towards a new engineering building and the school was then named after the family.


education program


Rowan is best known for their engineering department. Personally I think they're known for advertising and business.


I love the education program here, in addition to the engineering program. Due to Rowan's interaction with different schools for education majors, the students with education majors are able to view their future work environment without jumping in without any knowledge of what education is all about.


My school is best known for their education program and their engineering program. The school's name was changed from Glassboro State to Rowan University due to a donation made by Henry Rowan guaranteeing that an engineering school be built. That donation was a $100 million donation. Along with engineering, Rowan University and TCNJ have been in competition for the past few decades as to which is a better teaching school. While TCNJ was the original teaching school, Rowan's educatiton department has surpassed that of TCNJ in the past 50 years.