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Rowan University has many of its building near each other, which makes it easy to get from class to class. The farthest you would have to walk is maybe 15 minutes . There is also a small town that has restaurants that you can walk to. Which is nice to have so you are not always eating the same food everyday.




Rowan University is one of the institutions that I would label as a "sleeper". People that don't live within the region usually aren't familiar with the school. However, it is one of the best schools in the state and is only growing, including an enormous local Barnes and Noble . It is a small community with a small tightnit group of students who just want to see their peers succeed. I was not sure I would be able to get this at Rutgers New Brunswick or University of Pittsburgh in which both are much more massive in size.


On the outside, Rowan may seem like an ordainary state school, lacking in the perks other campuses may have. Rowan may not have fancy dorms, amazing food and other things, but the money they do have they put into our education. I feel as though I am receiving a great education from professors who are very knowledgable and caring. Through the different clubs I have joined, I have met new friends and have had great experiences. Compared to other schools, Rowan really cares abour our education, and they do what they can to make sure we receive what we deserve.


The amount of money paid for the education recieved was well worth it. It was also very cheap compared to other schools in the state. Rowan is also in a great location. It is close to Philadelphia and New York City. So, after graduation there are many potential jobs all close to the school. It also had a small student to teacher ratio for the biology department, which I found made learning easier.


Previously I attended two colleges that were very different from each other. One was in rural Kentucky the other in downtown Chicago. One was a large art school with few majors and the other a small university with many similar majors. Rowan is the best of both worlds. It is mid-sized with a campus feel in a suburban atmosphere and has many diverse majors. It is also rapidly growing with many donors to help fund better education for everyone.


Rowan is extremely accepting; it feels very "homey." It is the perfect size - not too big or too small - which definitely contributes to the familial environment. I also feel that Rowan's students and faculty genuinely care about each other and the school as a whole. Rowan's environment is truly enjoyable and caring, something that I did not pick up from the other schools I visited and applied to.


It is small and like another home.


It's very competative for several of its major but it still smaller and many students can commute from home. Also great variety in age because it is a commuter school


Rowan University is unique because it gives students many options other than going out to a party. At Rowan there is a program called Rowan After Hours also known as RAH. This program is student run and provide numerous safe, fun activities for students to do every night of the weekend. The best part is it is free. Also, if you do end up going to a party Rowan has Safe Ride, security cars that will pick you up and drop you off so you do not have to walk around campus and nearby streets in the dark.


What is unique about my school compared to other schools is that the classes are small size classroom.,the campus itself is small.


go RU!




Watch out if you are walking alone during the night, some incidents of violence have happened around the town. But the adrenaline makes it interesting after all! and there is a service for safe walk provided by the university in which they give you a ride all days and they take you from any party to your home (as long as it is in town).


Avoid the upstairs cafeteria when you can. Sometimes they have decent food, but it's more miss than hit. Downstairs you're better off - you can get subs, paninis, burritos, chik-fil-a, burgers, fries, smoothies, and even pancakes. There's also a cafe in the Pit that serves decent coffee and bagels/pastries. Once you turn 21, Landmark is the place to go. It's the closest and classiest bar (Mainstreet Bar is pretty skeezy, in an awesome way, but is closing sometime this year). Don't be afraid to speak up to someone if you have a problem, and utilize your advisor! If you don't like your advisor, or he/she isn't helpful, go to the head of the department and ask to switch. They'll be more than willing to accomodate.


The Greek life at Rowan sucks. Many of them (not all) (especially sororities) are stereotypical greeks. I am in a fraternity from another university, and the way Greeks are around campus are not the same. Their presence is not known unless it's Greek Week or they have some crazy party where someone gets hurt or they get kicked off campus. They don't do any service as far as I can tell and really, they are kind of a waste here. I don't mean anything personal – those are just my observations.


Housing: freshman dorms kind of suck - but they probably do everywhere. After freshman year it's kind of a scramble to get the right number of people together for apartments since most people don't want dorms again. Rowan's leasing new apartments for next year so hopefully housing will be easier in the next few years.


The one thing I hated as a freshman was not being allowed to prop my door. It was a big safety hazard because of a fire another college had a couple years ago. Although, if you get a cool RA you can kinda get away with it. You just have to be aware of when the other RA's come around for rounds. Another thing that kind of gets me is the Friday classes. I've never had a Friday class since I've been here (3rd semester) or an 8 a.m. It is possible! But the provost is trying to advocate Friday morning classes to prevent excessive partying. Most of the time you can get around it. It might not be that big of a deal for freshman who are used to going to classes 5 days a week, but it's annoying for us who have gotten used to a luxurious 3 day weekend! P.S. we have a sweet gym and a lot of exercise classes!


Most colleges that I've seen in New Jersey are located in major cities or rural areas. There's very little in-between. Rowan University is one of the only colleges I know located in the suburbs. Its a very nice environment to study in.


Rowan has a good student: faculty ratio with classes small enough to engage you and not just be a number, but is big enough to make the social scene interesting for all four years without feeling that you know everyone and need a change in scenary before you graduate. Rowan is a place where a lot of different people come together and coexist and become friends. The students are accepting and relaxed; you will find a lot of different people coming together without much effort. The school offers a strong education for little money and is continually growing and improving.


there are many different clubs and organizations


Rowan University is known for being one of the best teaching schools and that is the main reason I chose to attend it.


The campus is nice and compact. I can walk to all my classes. The campus has a good layout too. It is also surrounded by all the necessitites: bank, grocery store, food places, etc. Overall very convenient.




new facilities, similarities amoung student body, fun atmosphere.


My school has a very interactive staff. Professionals willing to stay with you till you get it right/get a better understanding of what your studying. The environment is very peaceful and quiet. It's a very friendly area. This school a a remarkable theatre program that has professors with many different acting techniques that bring out your creativeness.


The large amount of diversity and the social lives. There is many things to do no matter what your finacial status is.


My school has people that are extremely social. Most people really care about parties and whatnot and so they really like to have fun.


South Jersey is a unique environment . Havng farms, peach orchirds, and woods can be calming and offers a homely feeling. Rowan students have a sense of pride unlike any other kind of students. Its small enough to give a feeling of familiatiry between professors and peers, but large enough so it is not limiting socially.