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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Student University Programmers (SUP) and Greek Life


There are clubs for most things. SGA seems to be a big deal. Frats and sororities are the most popular groups on campus. The sports teams are also popular. They both (frats and sports) throw parties. There aren't very many people dating, as like in most colleges, the hook-up culture dominates. But if you're looking for your soulmate, I'm sure there's some other weirdo looking too. Most people are just looking for a friends-with-benefits type of thing, though. If you're not a party-goer, the weekends can be stale. They have events in the Student Center, but they usually have low attendance because most people go party. Every Friday night, there is a free shuttle to Philly, which is pretty nice. Glassboro itself sucks. There's only one bar and a few shops.


Go greek, live on campus at least once, get involved!! it's the best thing to do!


Competitive NCAA D3 school, lots of off-campus parties. Good bar scene with Landmark and Main Street bars being walking distance from campus.


If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I am probably doing a paper, reading for class or hanging out with my boyfriend in his dorm. The majority of people party on Thursday nights or the weekends. If you don't want to drink yourself silly on a Saturday night, you can take a bus to Philly, go to whatever Rowan has going on in the Student Center, chat with friends over a meal at The Owl's Nest, find someone with a car and head over to the movies/mall or just hang out in the dorms.


Fraternities and Sororities are most popular on campus and students usually have their door closed because of the way the door functions. The guest speakers and activities are very popular on campus. I met my closet friends through people in my classes. Studying late on tuesday nights. People usually party 3 days starting from thursday. Last weekend i celebrated my friends birthday. The campus has programs that you can participate in on Saturday nights.


bars in town: landmark and main st., places to hang out: crossing and beau appartments. When you dont want to drink: there is a bowling place, Rowan after hours is good (they have events every Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights), and going to the gym.


The social life is very good and we have eventts very often


Greek life can be pretty overwhelming on campus, especially if you're not part of it. But there are plenty of other things to do and friends to be made outside of frats and sororities. There are always parties in Crossings and Beau (the off campus apartments) and that's where most freshmen go on weekends. Don't take classes on Friday - you'll soon learn that Thirsty Thursday is the best night of the week to go out. If you're not into getting drunk, go to the parties with your friends, grab a beer and nurse it all night. When you go to the bathroom, dump it and get a new one. Act a little silly, and no one will hassle you. Football games are big, especially against our rival TCNJ. Wear your Rowan gear and get ready to cheer.


I'm currently in the ACS, but they don't do anything. There aren't a lot of groups that pertain to my interests.


The activities that Rowan provides are great. It's a shame that students don't take advantage of them. Many would rather be out drinking and getting ripped out of their minds. I think it's sad. I take part in many of the Rowan activities including SUP events and After Hours. What they are doing for the students is awesome.


The best way to meet your closest friends is through where you live and your classes. Most likely you will meet some of your best friends on your floor so it is important to always be friendly. Also, you will be spending a lot of time with the people in your major who have to take the same classes so you will meet many good friends there as well.


Most Rowan-sponsored events are poorly attended. There are a few places to party just off-campus and Landmark is walking-distance for those over 21. Greek life is there for those who want it, but it isn't like you have to be in one in order to go out on a weekend. I've met most of my friends through living with them, being in clubs or being in classes. I would say that for those who want to go looking for a party, it won't be hard to find one, but for those who don't, you won't be the only one.


I lived in Chestnut and I LOVED it! At first I wasn't too sure about it because you're kinda secluded, but that almost makes it better because you don't have to sign your friends in and out or visitors when they spent the night. The max a guest is supposed to stay overnight is 2 nights when in the dorm, but it didn't matter in Chestnut (Magnolia is the same set-up too). My friends and I would hang out until 2 or 3 in the morning and it was great. We also made friends with a bunch of the RA's and a lot of the time they would hang out in our lounge and be just as loud as us! (note: ALWAYS try to be friends/friendly with your RA!)