Rowan University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Rowan University? Why?


THE WIFI SUCKS. They've been putting in work to improve it, so maybe that'll change, but the wifi sucks. Also Glassboro is basically Nowhere, USA.


Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to find parking all throughout the school. There are too many times to tell about how every spot is filled until you reach the far back of the parking lot. I see many other students complain each morning about this as they try to commute to class with hundreds of others who are also looking for parking spaces. It can become very troublesome to find parking, and I will always find it to be the worst aspect of the school.


If I had to pick out the worst thing about the school it would have to be the location. It is approximately 100 miles from my house and the campus itself is pretty much in the middle of nowhere relatively. The town of Glassboro is a small community with not that much to do near campus. However, there are opportunities if you can walk a little further or are lucky enough to own a vehicle on campus.


Many people go home on the weekends or go to parties. If you are not into fraternities and sororities, there seem to be few social activities to do on the weekends.


It has really grown quite a bit since I went. I don't recall anything so bad that it was worth typing.


There is CONSTANT construction on-campus and near campus. It makes for heavy traffic and it's not aesthetically pleasing, either.


The worst thing about the school was the selection of places to eat. There was only one all you can eat cafeteria and then a few other take out places but there wasn't much variety and the food wasn't too great.


The worst part about my school is it's Art Department. The art department's building is one of the smallest on campus and the least funded.


The worst thing about my school is some of the classes. Some of the required classes will not help me with my future at all and others are simply repeats of one another. For example, I had a computer class Fall 2009 that was very informational and I learned a lot, this class was for my Math/Science major. This semester I have another computer class that is for the education aspect and it is a complete waste of time and money. There are a couple classes like this.


The worst thing about the school is that it is really in the middle of nowhere. In South Jersey with not much to do leaves a lot of open space for college students to do different things.