Rowan University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Student's looking for a strict, quiet campus that is very school spirited should not attend. The weekends get very noisy with people going to parties as well as all the construction that is constantly going on. Also, students looking for a very diverse campus are also not encouraged to attend.


The person who should attend this school could be a well driven athlete or a hard working student. Rowan has a academically focused health program as well as engineering program. Any person who want to be involved with the university should 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} attend here. Rowan is very hands on in greek life as well. It is a well balanced campus and anyone who is willing to put in the hard work and walk away with a degree in 4 years that will allow them to get a job out of college is the type of person who should attend rowan.


I believe that a person that should not attend school is someone who has no drive towards their education. If a person’s only interest for attending college is having fun, then there is only a negative motive provided often causing distractions to other students who are actually inspired to learn. The people who do such things often account for most of the negatives that arise upon college campuses such as drug usage, cheating, and stealing. Without drive there is no reason for a person to attend college.


People who cannot grasp the concept of balance should not attend.


If you are looking to spend your time partying and sleeping through classes, do not attend Rowan. If you are irresponsible, can't do things on your own and need constant supervison, do not apply. If you are prone to homesickness, are used to having Mom do your laundry and clean your room, then Rowan University is not for you.


A person who is up beat and is eager to learn. Some one who has a lot of school spirit and is passionate about their school and their academic performance.


A person who is not academically serious and not open to a great education should not attend this school.


"Non-traditional" students, commuters, a combination of the two. As I am that combination, I find it quite difficult to participate in campus life as I once did. It's also a challenge to stay engaged when professors have to constantly interrupt themselves in order to remind students about using cell phones, PDAs, and/or laptops during classes. Commuters are not exactly welcomed on this campus, and non-traditional students are often ignored or rebuffed when trying to reintegrate.


A person who is not looking to make numerous amounts of friends.


Someone who is too quiet to be heard. If you don't stand up for yourself and are one of those people who easily fall through the cracks, you will be left by the wayside here. The staff is not always helpful and will send you in circles if you need help with something administratively.


people who don't want to work hard and learn


A person who wants a large school with heavy sorority/fraternity interaction should not attend this school.


Personally, I would never discourage anyone from attending the school they want to. However, a person with a lack of self determination should probably choose another university. Rowan University is fast paced allowing each student to recieve an excellent education. Therefore, a student not willing to put in extra studying time should perhaps go somewhere else.




The person that shout attend this school should be motivated to complete a Bachelor's degree within four years while adapting to a new environment making new friends and meeting new outstanding people.


Someone who wants to be surrounded by a busy city life with lots of clubs and shopping locations nearby.


Those who wanted a huge party scence or lots to do. Farm land all around


People who have a hard time getting around, or dont like to tredge threw wheather to there class.


Some one not prone to diversity.