Rowan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


When I look back on my high school experience when I was a senior, I become filled with many conflicting emotions. I was in a certain mindset that I thought would help me progress into a college student. If I could give my senior-self advice, I would definitely say to appreciate family more. Before entering college I was under the impression that going away to school would give me the opportunity to distance myself from my parents in the way that I wanted. The idea of being able to live on my own for months on end seemed really great to me. Therefore I ignored a lot of what was going on around me in my life at home and tried make time go by as fast as possible. I wanted out and as a result I did not take enough time to appreciate how much my family means to me. Once I got to school I felt isolated from the ones who truly care for me, which brought me to this: College is a time for new experiences and profound changes, but the life at home that you temporarily leave behind is the one that should be cherished.


The first piece of advice I would give to my past self is to make sure that I save more money than I did. Money is the most important aspect of independent living, and it is imperative that I tell my past self this advice. I am a decent saver when it comes to financing, but sometimes I find myself buying things I truly did not need in the long run. I could instead use that money now for food, books, and many other college supplies that I need. I would ensure that my past self knows to double check every expense I had in mind, and to ensure that what I was buying was to become a good use. If what I was buying was not, I would tell my past self to store that money away for a later and more important time, when I am running through change to afford that $300 Calculus textbook! Saving money will be the most important aspect of college life and the most apparent transition from living at home to an independent life, and I would ensure my past self knows that!


I would tell myself to be more outgoing and not shy. I woudl have said this because I would make mroe friends this way. Get involved as soon as possible. Doing this will keep you busy and keep you mind off about being away from home and being home sick. Not only will it keep you busy but it will let you meet new friends.


Don't be scared of what is to come. College is a time for learning not only about your future field, but also about yourself. Forget about your insecurities or regrets from high school, because those no longer matter when you enter college. That "enemy" you had in high school... long forgotten by you second semester in college. That embarassing thing that happened in the hallway... totally forgotten. College is a time to start over and be who you want to be. Your high school friends won't stick around, so don't worry about pleasing them; and don't worry, your college friends will be so much better. They will appreciate you not only for what you offer them socially, but also intellectually. So, during the nights you will inevitably stay up worrying about college, remember that you will be fine and you will succeed more than you could ever know.


No one is going to make yourself succeed but yourself. You're going to be have no one but yourself to fall back on. You'll have friends and family supporting you along the whole way, and professors will have your best interests in mind, but in the end they're not the ones doing what needs to be done. Get ready to get some work done. Because there's going to be a lot of it. Unless you choose to make things easier. But you're only going to hurt yourself in the long run.


If I had the great opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself two things. The first thing would be to actually study purposefully for my SATs and Subject Tests. I made an extremely lackluster attempt to cover my bases before the exam and as a result I only received an 1840. This combined with the "upper-middle class" income that my household brings in, I quickly learned that I would not be given much help if any to pay for my collegiate education. The second thing I would tell myself is that "the small school you went to, with barely any competition, yeah that's going to end real soon." In school growing up I was always the guy looked up to as the 'genius'. As a result, I came into college with that same mentality towards college methodology and schoolwork. Unfortunately, that resulted in below par performance for my first year. I have now learned from my mistakes as "hindsight is 20/20" as my dad always says. However, my current worries could have been avoided if I'd only adhered to those pieces of advice.


My first advice would be to start college living on campus, or near campus. Get everything out of it that you can; You're going to love it!


As an adult returning to pursue a graduate education, I have a decade more experience than my high school senior self. I finished my undergraduate degrees with a fair amount of success and have worked, both in the Education field I pursued fresh out college and in a fair amount of other fields, searching for the career that suited me best. In retrospect, the transition from high school to college was not a difficult one. I had always loved school and been a motivated learner. I wish, rather, that I had been better prepared for the transition out of college. If I were to advise my younger self, I would prepare me for the hardships to come. I would warn myself not to be discouraged by the countless applications that would go unanswered or turned down as "inexperienced." I would tell myself to pursue more avenues since the things I truly loved about teaching could also be found in a variety of human services fields. I would tell myself to pursue each opportunity with the same tenacity with which I pursued my education. Mostly, I would assure myself that each obstacle can be overcome, and that it's all worthwhile.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would give advice my high school self about various elements about college. I would tell myself to prepare yourself for this life. It can be hard yet rewarding, but don’t be afraid. Prepare to teach yourself if the professor is mainly lecturing and what he/she is saying isn’t comprehended. Read the textbook, make an outline for yourself to study. There might be situations where you are nervous and unable to know what to do. Relax; take a breath, think positive then take action to solve that problem. Know that events in life do not work out like they should, but compromise with it. Do what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. Don’t ever quit,. Don't let outside influences hold you back from focusing. Don't let it distract you from what is important. You would have to write a lot.....don't worry you are prepared for this. You might have to stay up till 3 in the morning to accomplish some tasks, but don't let that clock bother you. After, you feel great by your achievements


The advice I would give myself as an incoming freshman is to make sure that I focus on my school work a lot more then I did in my first two semesters of 2011. I did not take it as seriously as I should have and I let my grades slip out from underneath me. That would be the most important thing I would have gone back and fixed. I would also tell myself that I should get more involved with clubs and other campus related activites along with being a varisty athlete. Telling myself to put in the effort everyday and work harder at not only womens soccer but also my academics as well. I would tell myself not to rush into things and let time and life take its course. Many good things come to those who wait but you cannot wiat forever sometimes you have to go after what you want.


If I could go back and give advice to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to follow my curiosity. I would explain the power of the human brain, of energy and thoughts. I would tell myself to focus on the question rather than the answer. I would explain that test scores are not a measurement of intelligence. Most importantly I would tell myself to choose mentors that inspire me. I would tell myself to believe in my dreams. College is not the answer to finding yourself, many students graduate from college and still do not know which path to take. I wish I could tell myself that I have the power to create my own path and make a difference in the world. Life has meaning and every mistake is just a lesson. I wish I could go back and believe in myself while I was a student, but I now know that as a teacher, I will encourage my students to self-discover and believe in themselves first and foremost. For the most important lesson in life is finding out why you were born and the purpose of your individual life.


Try not be so quiet all the time and to get to know people no matter what. Stop worrying about money so much and just have fun. Take the time to study material well and understand it.


I would tell myself to live on campus and get out more. I do get out now but not as much as other students on campus.


Try to get as many scholarships as you can because every little bit helps. Commuting is going to be a huge obstacle in your college life because it makes it that much harder to become involved on campus since you're virtually never there compared half of the study body. Sometimes there are going to be days where you just want to skip class and stay in bed because it's both physically and mentally exhausting and that's okay. Use your permitted absences wisely. Don't leave that eight page paper for the night before it's due. When you have downtime on campus, use it to do other work, especially if that work is reading. Take advantage of all the free elective space you have and pick some interesting classes. Always register for classes for the next semester as soon as your time slot opens. Don't go to class in your pajamas; lots of professors take this as a sign of laziness and apathy. If you have the opportunity to go to a campus activity with friends, do it. College is an incredibly refreshing change from high school; take advantage of every minute.


Focus on School alot more bacuse you are going to be fine. Things may be rough right now but you will have an amzing time stating college. Meet new people and experience bew things and dont focus on the bad things because it all works out in the end.


High school students think of high school as their goodbye to their childhood. The advice I would give myself would be to think of high school as the last opportunity to achieve an outstanding GPA and to pay as much attention as I could in class. What is taught in high school will follow through your college years or it will hunt you, making you regret all the hours you lacked in high school. Plus it will cost you more to take extra courses and not only that but as well as more time and a longer process for you to graduate. So STOP lacking in class and ATTEND all classes, there are no excuses of not making the BEST of you. Either way it's your life, and it's you the one that's going to step into the real world one day or another


Choose your major based on what you love. Don't pick a major that you will be bored with just because you can get a high-paying job in that field. You'll hate your classes if you don't choose what you love. If you hate your classes you won't go to them, and you'll waste a lot of time and money being unhappy. You'll be so much more engaged if you choose a major that interests you. You'll learn a lot more, be happier, and feel less stressed. One more thing: INTERNSHIPS!!


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself to relax and enjoy the experience. I would tell her to stop wishing the time would fly by, because once its gone she can not get it back. I would tell her to carry a camera every where to capture the memories, because there will come a time when she will wish she had. I will tell her to remember and save all her notebooks from class (they come in handy in college). I would tell her to stop wasting precious time with friends, resolve all agruments and cherish all hugs. I would tell her to dry her eyes, the boy who broke her heart hurt will soon realized he made a mistake, but move on because you deserve so much better (save yourself time). I will tell her to have loads of confidence because she is BEAUTIFUL inside and out. Lastly, never doubt yourself under any circumstances, because you are awesome! Most of all, you will mature into a great woman, capable and strong. But for now, enjoy your life!


Dear high school senior me, Everyone is asking you where you are going to college, what you want to major in, and a million more questions. Do not get stressed out. God will show you were he wants you and what he wants you to do with your life. Even in your second year you will still have no idea what God will do in your life. Stay away from people who will only act like friends and make you feel popular your first semester, but leave you stranded the next. Do not be worried about your roommate, she will be great and you guys will get along. You will meet your best friend and share awesome memories with her too. Do not be afraid to go to dinner alone and meet people. Make sure to keep in touch with those from back home or your summer will be super boring. Go job hunting. You will not have enough money for school and take out many loans. Apply for more scholarships. Keep your head up and remember Jeremiah 29:11. God is in control! Love, Me


I think the biggest advice I would give myself is breathe! I was so incredibly anxious and nervous for my freshman year at college. It was my first time truly being away from home and I was skeptical about what the "college life," would be like and if Rowan University was the correct school for me. If I knew then what I did now, I would be excited more than anything! I would tell myself that this would be the most impactful and life-changing experience for myself. Honestly, I wish I could repeat my freshman year of college. I would also tell myself to stay true to who I am, because many things in college can try to change you or effect your morals. I would tell myself to experience everything I can because you never know who's watching you, or what window will lead to a magical door. College is filled with friends, academically hard-work and opportunities you can only gain through experience. College is the time of your life, if you are there for the right reasons and have an ambitious personality with a drive. I would tell myself congratulations and welcome to Rowan University!


If I could go back in time and talk to myseglf in high school as a high school senior; I would tell myself that in order to reach my goals I have to work harder. I was a hard worker alreay, passing classes, and graduated in the top ten percent of my class but I did not have one scholarship to support my choices of school. I would tell myself that in order to go to Alcorn State, that I needed to take the time out to apply for more scholarships. The money that Alcorn was willing to give me was not going to be enough in the long run. I would need more money to help with my schooling. I did not need to take what my mother said as a joke, but I did and in the long run it did not get me where I wanted to be in school. Our school is great in teaching but some of the teachers are just like high school teachers. They just want you out of the class. I need to do those scholarship applications, because it would have benefited me in the end.


Take more classes during the summer to finish faster.


As a high school senior I had big dreams. I initially began college as an art major, but LOVED children. Teaching art seemed to be ideal, but one thing lead to another and I found myself as an elementary school major. If I could talk to my "senior self" I would recommend a few things. First, I would HIGHLY recommend either going away for four years or attending community college first and then transfer. I commuted and missed out on the college experience. Secondly, I would suggest to that senior to continue after graduation and move right into a master's program. It is now 21 years later, I'm just now getting back and it is difficult. However, I'd also tell my senior self, to not sweat the small stuff and make each choice count! Life happens and we have to make the best of each day. Learning is a privilege and should be viewed as such. Appreciate each opportunity and soar. Lastly, I might even tell myself that I am proud of my own accomplishments. I'd tell "me" to hang in there when the going gets tough and keep on keepin' on. Education is invaluable.


Spencer when you get ready to start college do not be nervous it is not as hard as you think. There is someone there every step to help you on the to getting your degree. You have much more calm enviroment in class rooms and the matieral is new but it is not any hard then you something you are capable of getting a good grade in. Enjoy college it will be the best time of your life and you will be a lot of fun and new people along the way. Will you stress sometimes? Yes, but thats just because you are growing up and making adult decision, but in the end you will be fine. You will finally get that degree you always wanted and it will not be as tough to obtain as you think you did.


Advice for myself, I did not make it to my senior year of high school. I dropped out my junior year, and then in 2004 I got my GED. But, I would tell myself to stay in school. I would do anything to have graduated and walked down the isle to get my diploma. I would have been the 1st Cunningham in my family to have ever gradated. I would also tell myself to be true to your self. Don't change who or what you are just because someone tells you that they don't like you or that they would like you better if you were this way or that way. Always believe in your self, if you don't who else will. It's really too bad that in high school if we only knew then what we know years later life would be so much easier. Always love your self; you have to love your self before you will ever let anyone else love you. And as I think back to my high school days, I think alot of kids now and then just try to please people instead of them self’s. Believe in YOU!


If I had the opportunity to speak to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to invest in scholarships. I made the mistake of getting student loans and now I find paying them back a long and arduous task. I would tell myself to use those creative skills to find other ways to pay for school. The debt alone is one hundred times worse than the stress one will encounter in school so take the time to get FREE money. I would also tell myself to take extra time to focus on self-discovery because it takes time to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life, how you want to get there and if it suits your needs and personality. Take the time to discover all the careers that are actually out there and find out what they entail. Then, picture yourself 20 years older to see if it would actually suit you and make you happy. The last thing I would tell myself would be to have fun and appreciate the knowledge you pay money to obtain in addition to what you learn in life.


I would tell myself to do more research on college and be more specific about what i really want in a school. Take it very seriously and dont just look for any little thing. Do research on student activites like clubs and greeks and pay attention to tuition. If tuition is more than $30,000 a year, then try looking for something at a smaller price. Also as much as you want to go away to school, look for something near home just incase. If you are still have the mind set on going away, don't go too far; A two hour distance is good enough.


I would have told myself to live on campus. It would be alot easier to focus on school. Also if I was given the choice to not live on campus I would have given the advice to also work hard on getting a license and a car to make transportation easier. A part time job would also be very helpful.


Hey there over-achiever! I know you can't wait to get out of high school but do me a favor and ENJOY yourself. You're young and happy and loved and healthy and you don't have any bills. Your parents aren't ready for you to leave yet so try not to give them such a hard time. High school has been good to you but know this - college is like high school on Red Bull. You'll work hard and play hard and make memories that will make you simultaneously laugh and cry. Boys will break your heart but don't worry, you'll meet "the one" in grad school. Oh yea, and be good to your teachers. I know you won't believe what I'm about to tell you, but when you're 26 years old, you'll give up your high paying job in NYC to go back to school for a second master's degree. Turns out, after traveling the world, waiting tables and working for the most famous newspaper on the planet, you'll discover you want to be a TEACHER. Crazy, right? Oh and don't forget to floss!


Going to college is entirely different from high school. My fellow students are, for the most part, no longer just there because they have to be, there for the lunch breaks, and the juicy gossips. They are there to learn. Nonetheless, I have established valuable friendships with my classmates. There is such a wide diversity of cultures and ways of thinking on my college campus that not one moment is left dull. The faculty is friendly, helpful, and very intelligent. I have both respect, and friendship for my professors.


From a social aspect, I've met the friends that I will remain friends with for the rest of my life. We've all graduated and live in different parts of the nation or even world, but we still keep in touch frequently and plan to get together as often as possible. From an acedemic standpoint, it's hard for me to look back and imagine going to school for a different major. Knowing what I know now about science and about the world, has instilled in me with a sense of confidence and knowledge which I'm not sure is conveyed as adequately in other programs. Not surprisingly, Rowan also has some of the best doctors and professors of science in New Jersey, and I was lucky to learn from them. Finally, Rowan succeeded completely in affording me the opportunity to learn in a diverse environment made up of my peers and rivals.


Throughout my college experience, I feel I have learned a lot about life. I have learned that unlike high school, grades must be earned and that hard work is the only way to receive them. I have met people from various different backgrounds who I otherwise may have never encountered. I have become more knowledgeable about what is really going on in the world and became unblinded from the ignorance of my youth. I have learned how money plays a detrimental role and how stressful not having money can become. Overall what I have learned is ultimately what everyone needs to become successful in the world. It is valuable to attend college because through all the stress, happiness, and negativity, teenagers begin to step out into the real world and learn that everything is not as easy as it seems. It has been valuable to me because I have found that I must learn to become responsible and continue to be determined in all my aspirations.


When I first began my formal education at Rowan University, career planning had been opened up to my life. Although I wasted no time in furthering my studies in geography, I soon began to forsee a bright future based on a specific career choice which, for the first time in life, I am able to stick with. In part, the dedication to my career choice is apart of my "growing up." However, this form of public service has the chief obective of keeping communities safer by aiding police units with spatial analysis in a criminal investigation. My college years, thus far, have been a time to sharpening my communication skills. The ability to work in groups, to establish common ground on a number of concrete issues, and to collaborate ideas and impliment club objectives plays an integral role in my success with others. This ability is one of endless subtle benefits a college education can provide for you as long as you let it. Rowan is far from an IV League. However, the college experience is all about what you make of it. When I applied myself this mindset, I soon began to forsee a bright future.


I've learned the way in which one can balance a life of social activities, academics, and personal meditation. I've learned how to be me.



I have gotten the experience i need to value my education and also life. College is a life changing experience that everyone needs to experience. Throughout the rest of my college academic career i will love my school and always keep education my main priority throughout my life.


I was always a go-getter and self-starter. Independance is my middle name. Attending college (during my tenure, Rowan was known as Glassboro State College) made me realize that I was not the responsible person I thought I was. I didn't know how to choose the classes I needed. Thank goodness I had a wonderful advisor, Dr.Nichols, who was able to shape my classes to achieve my future goals. I was a nontraditional student, older than most, a single parent and on welfare. I was able to skip a semester because of life experiences and was eligible for financial aid. I learned what responsibility meant while attending Rowan and through work study, I had a chance to work in the field of my future. I truly believe that if I had not attended Rowan, I would still be a single mother on welfare. I got my confidence and self worth back. I WAS SOMEBODY! I excelled in my classes. I tutored others. I no longer blamed my situation on my child and my relationship with her got much better. Rowan allowed me to mature not only into a valuable member of society,but also an employable one.


I gained a lot of independence from my experience. The school made it possible to completely take care of myself and be on my own. Rowan provides students with a sense of security without infringing on freedom and encourages students to create a life for themselves and follow their own paths. There are no pressures to fit a certain mold or be a certain way and that was really helpful to me in my time there. It seems as if they know that this is the time when students are really shaping their lives and they help that happen. Aside from providing a sound and well rounded education, Rowan prepares its students for real life and I think that really adds value to the services they provide.


Since attending Rowan University I have gained many lifelong skills. Such skills include time-management, conflict resolution, responsiblity, networking, acceptance rather than tolerance, patience, and how to prioritize. Overall, I feel as though I have truly learned to grow up. There are no parents telling you to go to class or to come home at a certain time. However, with great freedom comes great responsibility and I am glad that I have been able to learn many things on my own. I watched many former friends get caught up with the "fun” aspect of school, spiral downwards, and forget why it is that they are attending college. I have also benefited from learning how to network while attending Rowan University. I have joined multiple clubs, organizations, and even gotten a job on campus. I have met and befriended people who I never would have thought I would. I have enjoyed taking classes geared towards my major which prove to me that I am going down the right path. Overall I have gained a sense of self from my college experience and I cannot wait to see what the next three years hold.


Through the experience I have gained at Rowan University, my artisic talent has drastically improved . My professors have encourged me to go beyond the norm with every piece i have worked on. I have been introuduced to an assortment of new materials, mediums, and techniques. As a result, my skills and passion for Art continues to flourish. The value found in attending this University can not be expressed in mere words.


So far, I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I couldnt imagin not attending school. You learn so much more in college than you do in high school and not just acedemically. I learned how to take care of myself, on my own. I learned how to interact and deal with problems that aroused. I learned time management and orginazational skills, as well as communicational skills. College is a great place to grow up and to learn and it enables kids to expand their horizons and their mind. You mind is such a powerful tool, but you must put it to the test and make the best use of it for you to trully excell. I have gained so much knowledge and experience while attending college and I plan on going on to graduate school.


There are countless benefits of a college that are varied and personal to each person who attends. But for me, one of the biggest things was also one of the simplest. I studied The Media and Rhetoric. what I received from my studies was an excercise in critical thinking and analysis of everyday events. I am by nature a very straightforward person, I tend to take things at face value without questioning them. It is something I struggle with both socially and professionally, as the world is rarely as simple as anyone would try and have us believe. Simply being able to look at a scenario from the perspective another person might have, or with implied or unstated contexts has helped me to frame a lot of situations and relate better to the people I encounter everyday. It has helped me be a good force in this world. I did not get what I wanted from college the first time around, which is why I am here today. But my experience at Rowan University has had a huge impact on the person I am today, and there is not a day that goes by without my being reminded of this.


I have learned a ton about teaching and different methods that I will use in the future. There are many different activities I have been taught for the best ways to teach students. I believe attending Rowan University will help me become the best teacher I can possibly be. Teaching is touching the future and with the help of Rowan University I will make a positive impact on the future by teaching my future students to the best of my ability. With Rowan's help I will be able to influence and teach children to read, enhance their vocabulary, and give them the skills they will need to succeed in life.


I have received more than I expected. I expected to attend Rowan University and learn about my major and earn a college degree. However, I am gaining more than I ever anticipated. I met people that will become life long friends. I have developed relationships with adults other than family members. I meet with and interact regularily with administrators, professors, and support personnel that will help me learn and sharpen my social networking skills. I am participiting in social, cultural, religious and athletic activites on campus that are helping me to grow. I have learned how to balance academic responsiblities with having a enriching social life. My experiences at Rowan are helping me to mature, broaden my knowledge of life and learning while gaining a great education.


meeting new people which is extremely important because everyone comes from different backgrounds and its nice to meet and learn about new people


Dear 12th grade self: Don't take life so seriously, have a little more fun. You don't need that perfect GPA to get into college, although it certainly helps in obtaining scholarships. Get involved, whether it is on campus or in the community, do something that makes a difference. Be more open to life's possibilities and the many creatures that roam this earth. Education is important and does lead to a more successful life, but it is not the only thing in life. Get out and experience new things and take some time to stop and smell the roses. Don't devote too much of yourself unless it is worth it.


Don't be afriad! You can do anything you put your mind to. My biggest advise though, stop second guessing yourself and grow up..... Wish I would have made this realization early in life.


My tunnel vision at 17 left me extremely limited, so I'd tell myself to apply to more schools and open my eyes. As a proud brother, I'd remind me to definitely go to school with a large, active chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. I would tell me to hang on to that drive that got me through high school, and to not be intimidated by the new environment. The biggest piece of advice would be "listen to the people around you" - things would be very different if I hadn't been so insistent in my opinions and views.


I would say no matter what you do always have integrity and work hard. This applies to any aspect of your life: school, friends, relationships, and especially jobs. Never let your guard down when it comes to school work. If you think the class is too easy, don't stop studying or doing homework because everything adds up in the end. Never underestimate a professor, a class, or a job. Always have integrity in the work place and take every job seriously. Even if it's a server in the local restaurant or a secretary. Every job matters. Always show up early and prove that you care about the job and that you're capable because you can always use a good reccommendation. Also, don't burn your bridges. Always have integrity with your friends. Never do something to lose their respect or trust because the myth is true: the friends you make in college are your friends for life. Finally, don't be afraid to participate in anything and everything but find a passion and stick to it.


If I could go back to my senior year, I would tell myself to enjoy the time that is left. Enjoy your friends, family and school because it will not last forever. I would also tell myself that college is not as scary as I am making it out to be. I was terrified to leave home and was fighting my parents tooth and nail to stay home. I would comfort my former self and encourage me to let go of home and embrace a new life at school. I would also tell myself that the transition will be tough for you, but you will meet great friends who know how you feel and will help you through whatever hard times you will go through. My friends already at college prepared me for what college is like and they eased my fears and created anxiety. Nothing I could tell myself would completely prepare me for what would happen at school, but I would most definately tell my high school self to enjoy the time left at high school and put on a brave face to make the most of my Rowan experience.