Rowan University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


What frustrates me is how the university is trying to expand faster than it is able too. Rowan is accepting more students than it is able to house and therefore many students are weightlifted on getting a room and must resort to getting off-campus housing, which is usually not ideal for freshman students.


It took them over a year to mail me my diploma!


From a prospective students stand point, there is noting more frustrating than to find out that there is no place to park your car. Parking is a major issue for current and potential students and many of them have been given tickets exceeding $60! The school replies by telling you that you should have the "Terms and Services" of the electronic forms you filed. However, the practice of reading or understanding the terms and service agreement is a foreign language to both students and our faculty who enforces it. You are better off exchanging your car for a bike.


The cost of books and materials seems to be the most frustrating.


Walking to class.


price of on campus housing


There is not much of anything that I find frustrating about this school. However, being a commuter, sometimes it is annoying to find a parking spot, but the good news is that commuter parking is not a very long walk from most campus buildings.


Lack of things to do for freshmen with no transportation


The beaurocracy associated with every university that forces you to get a bit of the run around when trying to get things done. While people can be very helpful, they cannot always answer what you need and you need to go to someone else.


the libralness of the school


The fact that people go home on the weekends.


The lack of different things to do off campus.


The most frustrating thing is the false emphisis on community. As with every school, town or even buisness, I see people in the same boat who do not care enough to ask someone if they need help. We are a community of bystanders, unwilling to glance a simple smile at another human being, yet alone a "Good morning." just because we do not know who they are as we pass by. I just wish that some of the people that assume we are this great thing could actually walk and see the same people I see.


theres so many things so little words


its always changing, growing, expanding.


I don't really think I have anything to say for that.


The actual learning that happens at the school is wonderful, professors are more than likely fantastic teachers it is when students must figure out the paperwork that is frustrating. Some of my friends have had to run around several times to seperate departments like financial aid, regristar, bursars, so forth and so on. I feel like its the adminstrative teams that need to communicate more. And more funding for the arts is needed.