Rowan University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The available experiences are the best thing about Rowan University. I am able to work alongside a great professor throughout his research, and I am gaining experience in the field.


The best thing about my school is that we have alot of school spirit and I believe that is one thing a University should be well rounded in. We always have athletes as well as greek life at our sporting events. Since Rowan is located in the town of Glassboro and the high school is right across the street many or the local townies and students attend many sporting events as well. We take pride in being Profs and you could definitely tell when being in attendance.


The best thing about Rowan University is the class sizes. By having small classrooms, topics can be discussed and together the whole class can brainstorm a concept. Instead of being lectured to, we can engage in dialogue.


The best thing about Rowan is the balance they keep between student life and academic needs. Both of these a well done.


The best thing about Rowan is that it is expanding. We just obtained two medical schools and gained research status. There is going to be a new business school building and an addition on the engineering building. The campus is getting larger without feeling too large., and students do not get lost in the crowd. This is a great feeling for people who are thinking about coming here or are soon-to-be alumni.


Rowan has many majors. Although education is a popular major, Rowan offers many others such as Law and Justice. There are great classes and interesting ideas behind each major.


It's online and offers flexibility.


Rowan University is one of the smaller universties around. Because of it's size there is an automatic warm welcoming atmosphere. Teachers actually know your name and are always willing to help you. There are various activites , and jobs availible to the students.Wheter it be suggesting a new club or class at the gym students truley have a voice at Rowan University.


The best thing about my school pertains to my major. I am an Elementary Education dual Math/Science major. Rowan University puts students out in the field as soon as possible. My field experiences have been the most informative experiences I have had. They also mix it up so this semester I am in Middle School, not Elementary School. This made me realize I never want to teach Middle School but for others it makes them realize how much they love Middle School. It also helps weed out those who are not sure if they want to teach early.


The best thing about my school is the great communications department. You get real world experience while still in school and your work really does have a good impact on society.


It is big, but it isn't too small. There are many students on campus at any one time, but the class room size seem like you are attending a much smaller school. The professors have a much easier time working one on one with you and answering questions. Your place in the class isn't just a number on the paper for the professor, they are on a first name basis from the first week. It is also easy to meet other students when class sizes are small.


The best thing about my school is the openness to various studies of education. Rowan offers so many majors and minors to their students so they can get the exact kind of education that interests them without feeling restricted. The university also encourages and works hard with undecided students to really help them find what they like and set them up on the right career path. I consider this the best thing about my school because even though the food is great and the people are extremely friendly, the real reason I am here is my education.


The best thing about Rowan is the field work. As an education major, it is important to get fieldwork. Rowan provides nthis so we get a hand on experience.


Unfortunately, I cannot yet answer this question as I will begin school at Rowan this coming Tuesday. I am very excited for the new opprotunities it will provide me though.


All the hands on experience that I can have in my field. I am an education major and it helps so much that Rowan gets you righ into the classroom becuae you learn more through experience then through teaching lecturing you on the infomration.


Activities like SUP (Student Organized Programs) and such


The best thing about this school is that it is located in a rather good area that has banks, restaurants and nice shopping centers. The teachers are friendly and really care about their students. Other students are very friendly as well. Most people get along with each other at this school. The school gets involved with the community a lot as well. The staff at this school are there to help you whenever you need them too.


It's big enough where you'll always meet someone new but small enough where you'll always know at least one person in the room.


The students are always social, the professors are hands on and always asking if you need help. It is a same closeknit environment and you always see people you know. Just being around such great people make the learning experience and high school to college transition so much easier.


Pretty self-explanatory. =)


The availability of teachers, the people you meet and how much of a community it is.


The location is pretty good. It's only an hour and a half from new york city and 20 minutes from center city philly. So if you want to get out of the burbs it's doable and the buses are easy to reach as well.


Every one is really friendly, and the professors are always willing to help.


I consider the best thing that it is close to home. I am very close with my family, and it saves me SO much money by living at home.


Being an Art Education major the education portion of my major is extensive. Four of my education classes put me directly in the classroom observing and teaching, after completeing these courses I will spend an entire semester student teaching. In addition to really spending time in real classrooms the Art and Education departments hold high demands for GPA's. Anything below a 3.0 in a core class is unacceptable. They hold to these expectations, and rules about getting your Praxis scores in on time. You need to be organized to be in this major and make it.


The best thing about my school is the school resources and the opportunities to participate in campus activities. By participating in campus activities, people can make new friends and adapt to their new school environment.


Professors they are helpful


active night life during fall and spring season.


The atmosphere. The people and the living areas are fun and exciting.


Rowan is just the right size. it has small class sizes but the technology of a large state university. there are so many things to do and get involved in that there is literally something for everyone.


It is close to home.


It was very practical, location was great and there was much focus on my major.


I believe the best thing about my university is that there is many opportunities to meet new people, because a good network of friends is just as important as the school work.


My girlfriend


Rowan location is it's best attribute. It is close to Philadelphia and to home. When you become tired of your scenery you can jet home or over the bridge into a more culturally diverse atmosphere. You can always hop in the car with your friends and venture out onto the back roads. There are tons of places to explore in Jersey for bored college kids seeking out adventure.