Rust College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Well I would mainly tell myself to enteract with more people. I say that because I get very nervous with public speaking. I would ask could I talk in front of the lower classmates just to practice speaking in front of crowds. At my graduations it seemed like I only needed to practice because I practiced my speech a lot of times and I had to speak in front of a lot of people. That's about the only thing I would tell myself because in high school everything was nice. I ranked number one of my class out of 109 students. I had a 4.2 grade point averge(GPA), I was on the honor roll all four years of high school, I was in the national honor society, and I am was in a intership.


After my first year in college, i have realized a few things that I would tell my previous high school senior self. I would start by saying "DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT bring all of your clothes with you because you tend to shop when you get bored; so there is no reason to bring old things when you get new things every weekend." I would also tell myself "Don't stress out when you do not get what grade you want in a classroom. It's a lesson you have to learn to know what you have to do to be better in the next class you take." The last thing I would tell myself is "Be open to new things and people. You've been so afraid of new people coming into your life because of past problems and situations, but it's not worth missing out on people you will never forget at college; all you have to do is let them in."


When being asked the question if I could go back in time and give myself advice about college, I would tell myself you have to be alert at all times. Though you are away from home and you dont have family around you to tell you what to do you have to be familiar with your surroundings because anyone can come on the campus. Also I would tell myself that partying is not everything, it is ok to go out and have a good time but if you do decide to go out, come back to your dorm at a decent time so you can get hours of a good sleep and time to get ready for class the next day. Futhermore I would tell myself to build a relationship with the professor's that you have, the professors are willing to help you with any questions that you many have and even activities that you would like to be apart of. In addition, I would also say is stay tuned in with God because he will never leave your side, also I would say is stay in touch with you family because they are here to help us.


If I had the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would encourage (almost force) myself to start college immediately after graduating high school. During my senior year of high school in 1998, I was accepted into the Milwaukee School of Engineering with a partial scholarship. However, I chose to move four states away and live with my boyfriend instead. I struggled to earn and keep employment over the past ten years because I did not have a college education. It took me over a decade to realize that a college education really makes a difference. Today, I am happy to say that I have an associate's degree in business management (graduated in 2010), and I am currently pursuing my associate's degree in accounting and administration. I still have the same boyfriend and we have a wonderful 9-year-old son. A college education makes all the difference in the world! I am extremely grateful for my current college opportunity. What an experience!


The advice i would give myself about college life and making the transition within myself is always remind myself that you are the master of your own environment. I will continue to remind myself that i have the power to choose and act accordingly.


When adults told me that my high school years are the most critical years of my life I did not know how true it would be until later in my college years. On my first day of high school, I made a joke but it was not funny to everyone. An upperclassman told me that I still acted as if I were in junior high. Not many freshmen want to be considered immature in high school. I learned to just be myself. My sophomore year was the year of love! That sentence alone should tell you that there is much advice to give myself. There is plenty of time for love. My junior year was the toughest year for me. My father passed and everything changed for me. My father was the type of person who loved education and reading and so do I. My advice during this time is to be strong throughout all your situations no matter how much it hurts or how hard it gets. My senior year, I truly miss the most. My advice to myself is to cherish this year as much as possible and go into the world hungry for knowledge and success!


The first advice that I would give myself is to have my own mind. In college I let my social group influence me to drink, smoke, and miss classes and become sexual active. The second advice I would give is to stay focus. People would do anything to try to stop you from becoming successful but you have to keep going for your dream. It would be best to set goals for yourself because your goals would remind you of what you are trying to do with your life. The third advice would be is have confidence. I recommend myself to not be afraid to try new things and become more involved socially. Finally the best advice I would give myself is to never give up. Transitioning from high school to college life is a challenge for every new college student. If you stay focus on your goals and do not let anyone negatively influence you than you will be dome successful.


If I could go back in time I woud have told myself to pay better attention and to listen to teachers and counslers when they gave me advice. If I had paid better attention in class and put more effort into my senior year of high school my transition into college life would have been much easier. Paying attention and studying for all my high school senior courses would have shaved off some of the extra work and studying I had to put in this past semster. Additionally, if I could go back I would also tell myself to be more motivated and to put time into all my assignments and projects to learn from them, instead of just doing them to get them done. My lack of effort in my senior year clearly affected my freshman year of college. Had I put more effort into my last year of high school, my freshman year of college would have been less challenging.


I have goten a multitude out of my first yar college experience, I have become attached to friends that I will kno for the rest of my life, I have also learned certain skills dealing with radio technology with on-air experience as well as television technology with on-air experience. It has been valuable to me andhas impacted me towant tod better for myself and for my community.


If i was given the chance to go back in time and talk to myself about college life I would have a few improtant things to say. First I would tell myself that college is not like what you see on the TV, that is if you want to be successfull. Because I spend many hours studying I don't have time to party. The next thing I would tell myself is that I should study more often so i can make better grades to get a scholarship, because paying for student loans is tough. The last and final thing i would tell myself is to enjoy my time in high school because college life is totally different.


Danielle, it is time for college. Take a deep breath and know that everything you need to succeed is already within you. You are an adult now so you must learn to pray and speak to God on your own behalf. College is a time to focus on your growth as a women and how you can use your spiritual gifts to be a blessing to others. Relationships are not that important Danielle so that can wait. Enjoy your college experience; meet as many people as you can and begin to network. You are an adult now, so you must be organized and responsible for any necessary documents you possess. Speaking of organization, Dannie, you must begin to manage your time properly. For time management can be either an iceberg to sink your ship or a beautiful structure you gaze at upon passing. Also before I step out of this mirror with you, have an open mind to the world. You don?t have to take in and agree with everything that is presented to you but always be mindful and aware of others thoughts, opinions and prior knowledge. Okay,you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you.


The advice i would give to myself is that when preparing first make sure that it is what you want for yourself and not anybody else. It is only one person's decision and that is mine. Also, if you decided that college is for you, make sure that the school you plan to attend is a good one in all areas such as classwork, social life, dorm life etc. This means you should make a visit to tour the school of interest. Finally, please make sure that you manage your time. Priorities are important and should not be taken lightly. It is important for you to learn all you can while you can because you are payin for school, so why wast your money on things like making friends or partying all night. Just think, those are things that are priceless. So spend your money on something that will make you successful in the future.


the advice i would give to someone while trying to look for the right college is make sure you visit the school, make sure it is where you could see yourself for at least 2 years, make sure you can be successful, make sure you can be safe, and make sure it is affordable to you and your family. I think that whatever collge you go to it is what you make of it whether its the university of georgia or columbus state university. i think being in college is the same everywhere.


I would advice that parents start talking to their children about college early on like the summer before the junior year. This talk should include things like taking (or retaking) college entrance examinations (ACT/SAT), and prep courses if possible, viewing a list of schools, majors, tuition, and possibly visiting the campuses and meeting the schools representatives, and scholarship research. All this preparation for the students' college career will ensure that the right and best fit school for the student is chosen, leading to a successful college career.