Rutgers University-Camden Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Rutger Camden has a close comuinty that works very well togther.


family oriented with great professors who are willing to help and make sure you pass their class..filled with extra curricular activities and things to do on campus to stay active


A small, city-scape school with small and flexible classes.


Rutgers was very convenient and close to home, as well as affordable.


It's a great school, but if you would like lots of activities consider going to the New Brunswick campus.


It is an average state university, not a lot of extras, but with a strong emphasis on learning.


For new college students, the best advice I could offer would be getting your college situation in order as quick as possible. There are so many deadlines and forms to fill out that the quicker you can get them all turned in the easier the transition to college will be. I know that when I realized the load I was dealing with, stress and anxiety plagued me. After my first year in school I realized that making yourself a checklist or something along those lines can make you more efficient. Completing tasks like homework and forms early saves the headaches.


The school is deep.