Rutgers University-Camden Top Questions

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Small yet diverse


The students at Rutgers camden have a lot more responsiblity with school work, part-time jobs, and living at home.


The Professors do their utmost to really get to know their students and actively reach out towards them.


People here are from everywhere. There are several foreign students from Russia, France, Italy, and many brilliant professors. What is unique is that this is a research university. If you have a strong desire to research something, you are able to qualify for a grant to pursue it. Although some people come to this university because it is affordable, many people find that it is worth than if they were to attend a school that costs $40,000 a year and would qualify for the same job. Many companies are pleased with the excellence comes out of Rutgers-Camden.


It's in camden so people get mugged and shot all the time


It has a big school feel while being a commuter school.