Rutgers University-Camden Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to go to college part time as I worked. Also to put more money away in my saving account also.


Dear Kristen, All this stress that you’re having in high school won’t matter in a few months when you start college. I know you’re nervous about it, but try not to be. Those mean girls you walk the long way to avoid in the hallway? You’ll never see them after graduation? That failed bio quiz? So unimportant. College is your new start and the beginning of the lovely new you. Talk to the ‘weird’ kid sooner, she’ll be your best friend sophomore year. Go to all the campus events, even the lame ones, and be sure to talk to one new person there. Smile, smile, smile, it’s how you make friends. Don’t be shy like you were in high school, everybody in college wants somebody to talk to. Transitioning will feel weird, but you’ll get through it super quickly. Study hard, but not too hard, and above all have fun! Remember, you never get your college years back so live them up and make future me even prouder than I already am. Love, your future self PS. The pizza in the dining hall is nasty. Avoid it like the plague.


If I had the ability to go back in time as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to learn how to study better. In high school, I was able to study for a test or quiz for roughly an hour or two and get an A+ on it the next day. When I came to college and used those same study habits, I was lucky to get a B+. I would also tell myself to get more accustomed to studying in loud places by myself and studying until two in the morning and waking up five hours later. Starting my first semester of college was rough for these reasons. I wasn't used to studying in constant noise almost all the time, studying more than I did anything else. The last thing that I would really make sure I did was learn to study in groups. Studying in groups helped me improve not only my test scores but of my overall understanding of the material. You get to understand the material through different points of views and are able to understad it differently than your professor teaches you, if it doesn't make sense to you.


I would tell myself to enjoy high school while I can. I was in a hurry to graduate and I did not enjoy all of the special senior moments with friends that I could have. You can only be in high school once and there is no need to rush through the easiest time of your life. I would also tell myself to be prepared to study a lot more than I did my senior year. I love college now but I was not as prepared with my study habbits as I could have been. In college you gain a lot more freedom and I would tell myself to not try to grow up so fast, it comes fast enough.


Never let your studies get behind and always strive for excellence! The harder you push yourself to complete your education, the more you will appreciate it when you establish your new career. Never quit on anything that you start! Go to college as soon as you graduate high school. I would suggest before you graduate if you are eligible. I was 29 years old when I started college. I had two small children and worked full time. My husband worked 24 hour shifts so I was pretty much a single Mom most of the time. Those extra obstacles were very hard to juggle, especially all at one time. Go ahead and get your education while you are young and before those unexpected moments in life pop up! I completed my AA degree in a little over two years and I graduated with a 3.96 gpa, Magna Cum Laude. I sometimes took 4 classes a semester on top of working full time and raising two children. The longer you wait to start your college education, the harder it is to get started back. I learned my lesson the hard way but I couldn't be happier with the outcome!


Returning to my senior year; there at least two things I would tell myself. First, is to confront my fears and walk through them. We all have fears. Use your fear to fuel the motivation and desires you hold dear. One or two times of talking to myself has shown me that the fear was just that a fear; nothing more. The sense of accomplishment and pride have been so worth each step through my fears. Second, do not let nayslayers give you advice. Nayslayers disable and set limitations. Looking back, I can see that limitations and disabilities can and often are overcome victoriously. No longer do I allow family and friends to tell me I can't do something based on an hearing impairment. In every area of my hearing impairment; I have overcome circumstances to perform that electrical job, that farming job, that server job. Today I can and have overcome my desire to be an health care provider. Yes, I would tell myself to examine others words of wisdom. If it is not true then not to own it and move forward. Yes, I can!


Work hard and get good grades, because college is harder and high school is only preparing you. The second thing that i would tell myself is that i need to go to college to get a beter job. I now have been out of school for 8 years and I understand the need of good college education. I would tell myself that i will eventualy be going to school and it is harder because now i have to also have time for my family.


People are not going to hold your hand. If you go to Rutgers you must work hard or you will fail.


I wouldn't change anything; my highschool experience was great. I was part of a charter school, so most of my work was done at home--very much like a college. My advice would be to just keep going!


When I was a high school senior I felt that I had to have my entire life planed out. Knowing what I know about college life now, I would go back in time and tell my high school senior self to relax and that everything would come together when I am in college. Everything doesn't have to be planed out before you graduate high school. I would make sure my senior self would have more fun, enjoy more time with my friends and create memories. The only thing I should have focused on was working hard and getting myself into a good study and work habbit so I wouldn't become a slaker. The transition from high school to college is the easiest and fun part. It is the transition from college to the adult world is what I really need to worry about. However I would tell my high school self we picked a good college and they will help us threw it and everything will be ok.


I would have advised myself to do better in the beginning of high school and research more scholarships


i would have started right out of high school..its a great experience and is beneficial to your future


Dear High School self, Get your act together and start sleeping, you're going to need it. At Rutgers, you're going to need to get organized, and quick. A lot is expected from you. They raised the bar and now it's time for you to shine and rise above it. This isn't high school anymore, you can't just breeze your way through, start studying and keep track of all your homework, because no one else is going to do it for you, you're a responsible adult now. Stay healthy while you're at it too. You're going to need to be getting up a lot earlier now since you will be commuting so get your sleep, but it's worth it though. You'll love Rutgers Camden, I promise. Get organized, study, and remember to have fun and enjoy the opportunities Rutgers provides you with. Enjoy your next four years at the great RU Camden. With love and Care, Future College Self


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about transitioning to college, the advice I would give myself would be to first, brace yourself and be prepared to do more work than you have ever done before. Be prepared to speak in front of a large class, be prepared to write essays and have your teacher use your paper as an example even without your consent. Also be prepared watch movies that you may have seen before but now you are expected to relate to it sociologically and express your opinion. In addition, classes you took in high school, you will more than likely have to take again in college but it will be totally different because it will be taught in more detail and at a faster pace. Also you will register for a class that has a teacher who has been using the same teaching method for years and will never deviate from it, even if its not the best method for learning but you will have to find a way to make it work for you. That is what college is all about. Adaptation !


If I could go back in time to tell my high school senior self something I know now that I probably wished I knew then, it would be to follow your heart and do what you (meaning my high school self) feel is right career-wise and take whatever anyone else says about what she should do with her life with a grain of salt. Because I listened to other people about what I should pursue in college, eventually I began to believe that it was something that I wanted to do, and I soon failed at achieving this goal. If somehow I could go back in time to tell my younger self either in person or in a letter of all the misfortune I've experienced over the years because of the mistakes I made as well as my regrets, perhaps it would make my younger self at least a little stronger and reassured that her initial ideas regarding career paths were the right ones.


I would advise myself to try my hardest and not fool around my first year. Keep focused and you can achive anything you set your mind to. I would also advise myself to interact more with the groups and activities there are on campus.


Courage. People always say it is not the absence of fear, but the act of doing whatever it is you fear despite the fear. So use your courage. These people hated high school melodramics, labeling, etc. This is a fresh start, but it all depends upon you. Take courage and let them see you. They may not like it, but you will never know if you do not try. As for your old high school friends, do not try to cling to them as a lifesaver. Being a transfer student and a commuter will make it easy to hide. Make an effort to stay on campus. Attend the activities no matter how ackward it may be to begin with. These people are not going to follow you home and guess that you want to be friends. Courage. You have your high school friends to laugh about the attempts at during break.


Don't assume you can just absorb the information. Read the text. Study your notes. Re-read the text. It is not the professor's job to spoon feed you. Your success is up to you. But don't forget to have fun, meet new people, and have new experiences.


I would have listened to my father and counselors a little more. As a senior, I was in the top 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my class. I was a member of NHS, varsity baseball, and other clubs. I should have taken advantage of all that I had earned academically. I had an opportunity to apply for several academic scholarships but I procrastinated applying for them and after graduation I found myself without any financial aid to pay for my tuition. I enrolled at the local community college . While work is a good thing, I have had to get a job and put in more hours than I probably would have had I done my part applying for schoalrships. No telling what I may have been awarded. My advice to me would be to listen to what my father and my counselors had to say. Follow through on that advice. Take advantage of all the schoalrships that are truly available. Do not procrastinate.


I would stress the importance of going to college and getting a good base for your future life. I would tell myself to focus on a career choice instead of focusing on boys , shopping and friends. I love my family and my current life, but if I would have went to school first instead of getting pregnant at 19 , life would have worked out a lot easier. I currently am an RN with an ADN. I am pursuing my BSN then masters, but it would have been alot simpler prior to having a family. Go to school , then worry about having a husband and kids. That way when you do have a family , you can have more time to spend with them.


I would tell myself that it is important that i do well beginning freshman year opossed to just thinking that grades only counts senior year. I would tell myself to apply for scholarships thru out my senior year, you can never get too much funding. I would also tell myself to start a savings account because debt is not a good thing so anyway one can reduce taking out too many student loans would work in his/her favor. The last thing I would tell myself is do research about all the schools to see which ones offer the programs and all around things you want.


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice on my transition to college I would tell myself 3 things. First, I would tell myself to not procrastinate. Procrastinating is one of the things I struggle with the most. I would try different skills to help me with this issue. Next, I would tell myself to not be afraid to ask for help. I was shy during my first semester so I was afraid to ask a question and even go to office hours. I started falling behind in one of my math classes and ended up with a horrible grade. I would tell myself to get help when I need it and go to the learning labs where you can get help from tutors. My last piece of advice for myself would be get involved. Coming into college can be very scary for some people because you have to make new friends. A great way to do that is to join some clubs or team. As people always say college is what you make it. If you just go to class then go home or back to your dorm it will not be as fun.


I work in the school of business will I attend school here so out of my experience here I learned how to manage the school of business. I learned access and we use the database for all of the undergraduate students and faculty and events. I have also headed project here like the Guest professor week in which alumni or just business people come to all of the business classes and tell students about how they got there or about their field of study. Also because I work here I interact with my teachers more than most students so I have gotten more information about life in the accounting world and about things they think I will be interested in. I work with the advisors too so they help me out. As a sophmore I will have 15 credits in accounting ending this semester that is normally not suppose to happen until I am a junior so they helped me to be in a better position for an internship as a sophmore. I believe this school has put me in a great place for the professional world and I am glad that I came here.


During my college career, I have been able to understand the world around me with a more open mind. The multicultural aspect of other's backgrounds, ideas, and beliefs has allowed me to become a better person. I have met various individuals with great potential and knowledge. My campus has a very strong support system and helps one network in the areas of one's interests. I have become highly involved with community service. I mentor and tutor young children in one of the poorest cities in the United States, Camden, New Jersey. I have become a mentor/ ambassador for these students through Rutgers Future Scholars Program. I have also been asked to sit on a board to implement a youth program involving Camden middle school and high school students. This program will be proposed to better support Camden youth with the knowledge needed to become successful in college. Therefore, Rutgers-Camden has enabled me to become the mentor and educator I am striving to be and has allowed me to make a difference in various lives. Community service and urban education are my passion and change is what is needed. I am part of that change.


I have gotten the education to teach mathematics and to be a responsible adult.


What i have gotten out of my college experience is that just be yourself and be proud of who you are inside and out. Also that learned that live is not easy at all. Its valuabale for me to attend college because helped me a little to be on my own, and it will also help me start the career that i want to pursuit in life.


It has been value to attend college because you are able to learn so much more about certain subjects then high school is allowed to take you. In high school, there are limits in what you can talk about or read about, but in college, anything goes as long as you are able to support your opinions and not directly upset someone. I have learned most from the people I have met and the teachers that I have encountered, by how certain people are able to express themselves in ways that I can't or how certain things can affect others differently.


I am a returning student as of next fall, with a daughter due to enter the fall of 2011. When I was attending as a young adult I didn't appreciate the value an education would have for my future. I grew up in a time when having your high school diploma was sufficient education and that is no longer the case. As an adult I realize that meeting new people and socializing at the college offers a lot of fun opportunities, but it also expands your mind to different ideas and cultures, which allows you to grow as a person. During my return to school I plan to look for ways to not only "get something" out of the college, but would like to find ways that I can give back. Possibly be a mentor to an incoming freshman.


Make sure you take every class seriously, and study for everything. Know everything about every program that interests you, even if you decide not to follow their paths. Make many more friends and befriend your professors. Know that some teachers will not care whether you pass or fail.


If i could go back in time as a hgh school senior i would tell my self to enjoy the teachers staying ontop of you because when reality hits you in college ,there is no one there to make you do anything.You are all on your own.Also,the professors do not come to you askin for work because they want you to be responsible for your own actions.Stay humble and when you get in the real world do not take your freedom for granted because it can ge you into lots of trouble.Use your time wisely because you have so much of it that you will not realize how fast it goes when you are having fun.Do not go to every party because then your grades start slacking and do not get caught up with boys because they can bring you down.


If I could go back in time and punch myself in the face and give Kelly Dennis a futuristic reality check, what would I do? First, I would probably punch myself in the face to get his attention and call him a a fancy adjective followed by "immature idiot". When I was in High School, I did not apply to a college until May and I never once though long and hard about what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. Being an immature idiot when you are young is amazing because it has its advantages, such as not stressing about your future because everything will fall into place. Sarcasm aside, I would strongly advise Kelly Dennis to get his act together and take school much more seriously and work hard on finding a school he wants to get into and how he is getting in. I would tell Kelly to stop being an arrogant and cocky dope and realize that breezing through high school with As and Bs without studying is not going to work. However, this visit was paid somewhat late because I did not learn this until my second year at Community College.


Always make the most of any opportunity that comes your way. Always remember that while in freshmen you set out to accomplish your goal. That you set out to live you life to pursue your dreams. Don't let anything move you no matter what it is. In your heart you Know what you have the determination and must strive to comment yourself to be happy so you can really become successful. There are going to be alot of things that try to take you away from you path. Long has you walk your path the passion you have, stay positive and keep that postive mentality that anything is possilbe then you will go futher than you ever thought you would. Commit yourself to you goals and dreams and it will take you.


I would have told myself to have more faith in me. I was smart , yet very shy. Although I came from an urban high school, my parents sheltered me from the negativity of the city, but they did not teach me how to deal with everyday experiences or different types of people. I did not know how to approach someone to make a conversion or a friendship if I did not already know you. I would tell myself to take a chance, step out there, what do you have to lose. Even a turtle cannot get from point A to point B without coming out of her shell.


I would reiterate to myself that discipline and dedication are very important factors to succeed in College. Also, I would remind myself about the importance of maintaining susceptibility to view people's ideas and concerns in order to reach common productive purposes. And as part of my university education I would improve my knowledge and abilities to work well with others.


To ensure that you are afforded the opportunity to attend the university of your choice it is imperative to make sure that your GPA is very high. Visit your prospective schools and try to speak to some of the students walking around the campus. Investigate the types of extra-curricular activities that are available (so that you can determine if there are sufficient matches for your personality and interests).


Doing just enough to get a good grade is not going to cut it in a competitive academic setting like college. Simply being smart is not good enough. You have to apply yourself and focus. It is a waste of time and a lot of money to just get by and you have to tell yourself that you can do and deserve better than just being smart. Put in the extra effort because it is more than worth it.


Stay focused on the outcome and find an equal balance with social life and school work.


I would tell myself that it all may seem overwhelming, but to take it in stride because in the end, nothing is more important than my education and nothing is too big or too hard to do in order to get that education. I would tell myself that it is worth the extra time spent studying and working instead of socializing; the time spent in the classrooms with my nose in books is worth so much more in the long run than a night out. I have never done poorly in school, but there have been a few times where I was capable of a little more if only I had spent the extra time more wisely. In general, I would have to tell myself to be the responisble student and put more pressure on myself to do better than just what I expected. I would tell myself to expect more and push myself to be a better person and student.


I would tell myself to live a little. All throughout my high school career, I was concentrating very hard on simply getting into college. When I came to Rutgers University, even though the workload was heavier, I still had much more of a social life than I had in high school. I would also tell myself to not worry about making friends. For some reason, in high school I was extremely shy. I had my fair share of friends, but it was hard for me to make new ones. College has made me much more extroverted than I ever was. I would tell my hihg school self to not be so worried about my lack of social skills and to practice them more. I think that I would have had a lot more fun in high school if I could have been similar to the way I am now. And finally, I would tell myself to be more independent. I always used to depend on my family for friendship and comfort. Now, they are used to that and it is hard for them to let me grow. I wish that I could have gotten them accustomed to my independence earlier.


Open your heart, mind, and outlook to the world. Do not be afraid of making mistakes or failing, but do not use mistakes as an excuse for not succeeding. Instead, use them as learning experiences. Develop friendships early on, for those closest to you will be of greatest assistance in your time of need. Reach to others, and they will reach out towards you.


My advice to students is to know what you want to concentrate or major in before you begin your coursework. This will save you time and money on classes that you may not have to take. Also, make sure you know what type of environment you want to go to school in. Visit the schools you like and see which campus you feel most comfortable on. The most important thing once you get into a school is to keep your mind on the goal and remember that you are there to graduate and, for most, get a job. Keep the grades high and stay focused, your first year will determine your GPA. The more classes you complete, the harder it is to raise your GPA so don?t take your first year lightly.


Make sure you go to the college and take the tours that are offered and even if you go to a college for one year and find its not for you dont give up because there is a college out there to fit everyones personality!


Make sure you visit the school. Also make sure that you speak to professors and current students at the college you wish to attend.


Visit the colleges and stay overnight if possible. I was going to attend a different college, but when I went to the orientation I felt extremely out of place. I found a home at my new college, and I never regret changing my mind about my supposed "dream" school. And know your learning style. If you can't learn in a lecture hall, and you need one-on-one help a lot of the time, don't go to a big school. Go somewhere small where your needs will be met and you can make the relationships you need with your professors. And pick somewhere with your major as well as a diverse amount of others because half of my friends changed their major within a month of attending school.


Finding a college is not easy. I was accepted to several great schools but it came down to where I felt most comfortable. Although I knew my financial situation would keep me limited, I found that limits are only incentives for me to make righteous decisions. I compared my schools according to where I want to be when I graduate. Keeping that question in mind allowed me to find that the best schools are not necessarily the ones you would assume were the best in the country, but the ones that have a promising career after graduation or is a school that will prepare you for success in graduate programs. College is not just fun and games, it is the place where you have endless possibilities to practice your passion or find a promising career. By being focused on your goals and having the intention to excel, it makes it easier to experience college because your time management skills will allow you to know you can do excellent on a test and have a great social life. Be open minded in college and savor the exposure and knowledge you acquire for it can be significantly cosmopolitan.


College is the beginning of the rest of your life. It is the first step in so many. To students I would say to definitely visit the school. Sit in on a class, ask about sports and greek life, make sure it's for you. Never settle for monetary reasons... that's not the most important thing. To grow somewhere you need to be comfortable, to love it. I love my school, so even when it's hard, loving life makes it easier. To the parents... my best possible advice is to LET GO. If you're needed, be there. If not, sit back and watch your son or daughter become who they're meant to be. Support their decisions, help them look, and remember that they are not you. Mistakes are necessary. Challenges are inevitable. So students need to take life in stride and get to where they need to be. My personal goal is to love every step in life more than the one before, so I never want to go back. Make sure your college choice is one that'll push your life into happiness, one step at a time.


Visit the school for a tour then go back by yourself and try to talk to students and falculty pretending to be a student.


The advice I would give to students is to go where they"ll recieve the best education, not just where their friends go. And, to parents that they should be open to where their child wishes to go, whether it is in state, out-of-state or out of the country. To both, they should always visit the school before the decide to go and do in-depth research of the location and the school itself.


I don't know I just want that scholarship.