Rutgers University-New Brunswick Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The visual arts program at Rutgers is known for its amazing faculty, who are all well-versed contemporary artists and contributors to the current conversation in the art world. It is an aggresively growing school, recently having been ranked in the company of usual big names (Columbia, VCU, Yale) and the student work coming out of the program is just as ambitious as the professors teaching them.

Patricia L

Rutgers is known for the Scarlet Knights and being one of the oldest colleges in America. It's a wonderful research school. Also, it has immense school spirit and their campus is filled with life and so much atmosphere.


Grease trucks, football, rutgers buses, giant student population and being everything that Nj represents. Rutgers is New Jersey! It is a fun but hardcore school where everyone parties hard but studies hard as well. Pretty much to survive Rutgers you have to venture to a grease truck at some obscene hour of the night, attend a football game where you only see red (in a good way), people watch on the buses as you travel between class to class on one of Rutgers 5 different campus and notice the intense divirsity of the students who come from everywhere!


Rutgers is not only known for its prestigious sports teams and marching band, but it is more locally known as the largest university in New Jersey, as well as as a prestigious research university.


Other than its parties, Rutgers is very well know for its Pharmacy program, and it will soon be know for its Engineering program. Rutgers is making an honest improvement and growth as becoming one of the top schools in the nation. But I think aside from academics is the community feeling that Rutgers gives to its students, especially during football season. I ever never felt so proud to be a Scarlet Knight on game days. Everyone is so friendly and they all reach out to you. Regardless of how big it is, Rutgers still instills the value of family.


Personally, I believe that Rutgers University is most known for their academic standing, size, and diversity.


Rutgers University is best known for its diversity in the student body as well as in the staff. Not only that, but it is also known for being such a large university. With such a large student body and various campuses associated with one school, one would think that it would be difficult to become involved one's school. However this is not the case, there are various organizations and other resources to get the personal experience every student craves.


My school is best known for its football program. Rutgers is the birthplace of College Football. Rutgers is also known as a highly academic school especially within the math and sciences departments.


Rutgers University is best known for its diversity. Throughout my first year at Rutgers i experianced an environment unlike any other. Groups of people never segregated themselves and we all acted as one culture.


Rutgers is best known for being one of the top research based colleges in the country. The research programs at this school will definitely benefit anyone looking for a career in a research based field.


My favorite tradition has to be "Bingo night" and "The Price is Right". These events are free for students and occur once a year. During the event prizes are given out to students who answer questions right and participate with energy. My friends have one brand new video games, brita water filters and even a brand new blue ray player. These are just some of the few events that you can find at Rutgers if you search for yourself.


What is my favorite campus tradition? When I think of a tradition here at Rutgers I think of the first football game of the year. Much of the student population attends the game in high spirits and a vible of unity is something that cannot be ignored.


Football games in the fall and Rutgersfest in the spring.


Rutgers University is best known for our talented football team. Football at Rutgers brings school spirit to a new level. If you didn't have school spirit in high school, you will at Rutgers. Alongside football, Rutgers is known as the largest University in New Jersey and the pride that comes from attending the university is huge. It is an honor to be part of such a sought after school.


Best known for its football teams, fraternities, parties, and for its very expansive social dynamic, with the College Avenue as its focal point for most of these qualities.


The School is known for many things that's why it has 3 campuses and loads of departments. Sports, Theatre, and Medicine I think are the most popular departments in the School.


It's best known for its research programs, over 150 majors and for football.


The diversity! Be it classes, clubs, sports- anything you could look for. Whether you're looking for the best education you can get, the toughest clubs to be in, or even just friends with similar interestes, you'll find it here.


Enormous campus with alot of different activities to get involved in.




Diversity, an extremely loyal and roudy group of students, research, and partying.


Rutgers is best known for the Scarlet Knights football team and Grease Truck sandwiches.


My School is know for diversity, but there are many Education majors and Communications majors. There are many ways to major or minor in each and I believe the program to one of the best in the country.


Rutgers is known for their diversity and muiltple talents whether in sports, art, or any field. Also, the business program and the school of pharmacy. Th people here are nice and active.


Research, Football, STDs, Business School


I believe that Rutgers is best known for various activities and opportunities such as studying abroad or their co-op program. This school is definitely known for preparing students for their future. They are known for linking students to future employers.


Rutgers University is a melting pot of cultures, programs, and interests, and this characteristic stands out more than any other facet of the university. Whenever I tell people that I go to Rutgers, they commend it for its racial diversity, variety of strong academic courses, and myriads of different extracurricular organizations. Rutgers offers so many opportunities that people from around the world study here to take advantage of them without having to worry about feeling isolated, since the variety of students and activities ensures that they will easily find their comfort zone.


The World Famous Fat Sandwich, voted as the best sandwich in the world! But seriously, we are known for our strong research programs and facilities. Being on Cook Campus, the part of Rutgers that specializes in science based classes, I know that we also have a very good animal science program that is superior to most schools in the state and most of the country.


Rutgers is best known for its football culture and being a party school, and both of those are definitely true.


My school is best known for being the State University of New Jersey. It has some of the best programs in the nation in such areas as Philosophy, Pharmacy, and Environmental and Biological Sciences.


Rutgers is best known for the size of the campus. It provides a huge variety of majors for students to choose from. Once declaring a major and feeling it is not right for you, there is no worry to look for a different college to transfer to for a different major, Rutgers will most likely have it.


Rutgers University is best known for research and the social diversity. There are many people at Rutgers from different backgrounds and religions. Also the professors at this school seem to be more focused on their research than teaching the students.


Since I started here, Rutgers became very known for its athletics. The university has a very good football team and very good basketball teams (it is particularly known for the women's basketball team. ) The football team has gone to a bowl game every year for the last five years, and the basketball teams have gone to championships and gained a lot of publicity. The teams also bring in a lot of school spirit; football games often sell out and the student section is usually full.


Probably the football team, but we are also one of the nation's largest schools dedicated to research. Pretty much every faculty member is doing research of their own and students are very encouraged to take on a research project as well.


My school is best known for its football team since we did so well in the intercollegiate games a couple years ago.


Great academics, large amount of diversity, professors and faculty that actually care, huge school spirit and pretty good sports teams.


School is best known for its football spirit and football team. Recently, we've done rather well, to a lot of people's delightment. However, the money spent on the football team has attracted much attention by many members of the community.


Football and that horrible expos class.


Sports and Education


Parties, huge size, STD's, etc. Football fail


Football team, philosophy department, women's college.


Rutgers is known for being really diverse and open to everyone and everything. There are so many opportunities.


It's undergraduate opportunities to participate with faculty on research projects. It's art and theater programs. It's school spirit and sporting events.


Rutgers University is a school that is heavily devoted to research and is best known for its diversity within the student body.


Currently it is football.


Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutger's University is well known for their art, of course. We have wonderful gallery shows as well as performances in local and on-campus theaters. Rutger's University itself is more well known for our excellent football team and school spirit.


Huge variety of options to choose from in consideration for what you want to do.


Research, academics, sports, social life, school spirit, clubs, diversity


Our school id know greatly for the kind of education if offers. The fact that it turned down and offer to become an Ivy to provide students with a cheaper and more accessible educations is amazing. Rutgers, although it may be large, gives you an opputunity to find a great group of friends from its eclectic selection . The Rutgers Football team is always surprising, thus it retains a reason to always be at games. Their education, environment and athletics makes it the college that I have always dreamed of attending.


Rutgers has recently received a lot of attention for its Football program. However, our intensely research based programs are equally reputable and notable.