Rutgers University-New Brunswick Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


The bar scene is really a fun time when you're with your friends. Luckily I haven't had friday classes since sophmore year but only recently did i turn 21. This is coming from someone who is one of the 2/3 of Rutgers students who stop at three drinks or less. Then unfortunately you go to bed around 4 and wake up around 1, usually the same time as the rest of your roommates if you live in a house off campus. If it's nice out we're close enough to make 3 days off good beach weather or just take a road trip to visit other friends at different colleges.


A typical weekend at Rutgers would involve some light to heavy studying depending on what the upcoming week is demanding of you. The nightlife here is quite active, with parties to go to and people to hang out with. Food will be eaten, friends will be made, and sleep will be needed by the end of the weekend.


Weekends at Rutgers are really what you make of them. There are enough people here that whatever your scene is, you'll find it. Some people go home, but it's not really a commuter school so there's still a lot going on. Greek life is a part of campus, but a lot of people party without being involved in Greek life at all. Some students will hang out with friends, or go downtown, or study. There's a range of different weekend activities. Personally, I spend most of my weekends in D.C. or home, so if I'm not being very specific about weekends here, that's why. I

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