Rutgers University-New Brunswick Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Personally, I only dormed my freshman year, but the fact that I decided to get an off campus apartment my sophomore year has nothing to do with my dorming experience. I enjoyed dorming, I enjoyed the friends that I could make, and the vibe of community. We were all freshmen, nervous and excited about what the year would bring, and that allowed us to relate to one another and become friends. My normal routing would be waking up, walking two doors town to take a shower, walking down to the dining hall to eat breakfast, and grabbing either a New York Times or USA Today newspaper that was supplied to us. The dorms were comfortable and I would not hesitate to reccomend dorming to any prospect student.


Hanging out in the Rutgers dorm courtyard.


College Ave dorms for freshman and sophomores at Rutgers.


A look at dining on the Rutgers campus.

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