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Tell us about the food and dining options.


the 4 major dining halls are all you can eat buffets with some having more food that others. Livingston Dining Hall which was just built is basically like Epcot in Disney World with almost each station being a different nationality. And if the pre-prepared food gets boring after a while you can always experiment and make your own creations from the food they put out.


I honestly can't say I'm super thrilled about on campus dining. I probably won't be getting a meal plan next semester. The problem that I have with food at Rutgers isn't necessarily the taste of anything (taste is about average for college food, but some dishes are very good); the problem is that there is a distinct lack of healthy choices. There's a salad bar and one vegetable option per meal. Often, that vegetable option is fried. Not my thing. Of course, the bulk of my experience is with Brower Commons (the dining hall on College Ave) so I can't really speak for all the other facilities, but I have eaten at Busch and it's not much different. For those who can afford it, there are a good selection of fast-food counter style restaurants in the campus centers and downtown New Brunswick has some great restaurants.


Here at Rutgers we have plenty or resources for food and dining. Rutgers just renovated the Livingston Dining Hall and it is beautiful. With a myriad of choices to feast upon, the dining halls at Livingston, Busch, Cook/Douglass, and College have meals to accompany any appetite. Fresh omelletes in the morning, pizza, burgers, salad, deli sandwiches, and fresh fish meals are plentiful at the dining halls here. If one wishes to dine off of campus there are plenty of great places to eat that will even accept RU express, and deliver right to dorm rooms.


I love the dining halls. There are so many options, and there is a dining hall on each campus. Anything you can imagine they have at the dining hall. There are also take-out options if you don't have the time to sit and eat. Going the dining hall with friends is great. My only complaint is that it not open 24-hours!


Every campus has a dining hall obviously but not all of them are superb. About a year ago, I would have said that Cook/Douglass and Busch has the best dining halls but apparently Livingston is climbing its way up there as well. At Neilson (C/D), people really like the omelette bar. For breakfast, a line usually gathers so that students can get a custom omelette made. College Ave is not that favored amon students but it has sushi and a nice variety of ice cream flavors. Every campus dining hall has pizza and pasta and fruits and some have custom-made pasta sections. On C/D and Busch, there's always Chinese food. I'd say food's pretty darn good at RU; it could be better on some campuses but it could also be a lot worse. If you choose not to get a meal plan, you can cook (some dorms put common kitchens on each floor) or you can get food anywhere off campus, especially College Ave. Easton Ave, which is parallel to College Ave, has tons of food options and almost all are of some different ethnic. There's Greek food, Chinese food, Italian food, NY food (who doesn't love chicken and rice?!), Thai food, American food (who can forget about Grease Trucks), etc. No one ever starves at RU!


Stop at Rutgers’ famous Grease Trucks.

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