Rutgers University-New Brunswick Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I decided to go to Rutgers because it's better academically, cheaper, and closer to home then my previous school. It's also in a more urban environment then my last school, which was located in the middle of nowhere, and there was nothing else in the town besides the school.


Being from NJ and knowing I wanted to pursue some type of post undergraduate study, I was looking to save a much money as I could on the undergraduate part of school. This coupled with being close/loving where I live and the diversity that Rutgers has to offer made it my #1 choice.


Rutgers has been always on the top of my list when i was applying for colleges. It was close to home. It also had the major i wanted to pursue. Most importantly, it had a diverse population


The deciding factor for me was that Rutgers is in NJ and only 45 min from home. I like being close because I can go home whenever I need to, but I'm not expected to be home all the time. I think it is a really nice balance.


I decided to go to Rutgers because it was close to my home, a decent price, and has a really great program in my main field of study (Philosophy). I am a sophomore this year, and just transferred to Rutgers in the Fall. After spending my freshman year in Maryland, I realized that the small liberal arts college I went to just wasn't for me. It was too much like high school, but without the added benefit of being able to see my family. I am actually very happy here at Rutgers, though adjusting was weird at first. Overall, I think Rutgers is a great value and the right choice for me.

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