Rutgers University-New Brunswick Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The stereotype is that students drink and are very promiscuous.


The stereotype is that students drink and are very promiscuous.


That we party hard, sleep around and slack off.


The party/drug stereotype.


The smart Asian stereotype.


Rutgers Greek Life stereotype.


One stereotype involves the intelligence level of students.


A student says one stereotype involves STIs.


The worst stereotypes about Rutgers are that it is a sort of dumping ground for kids who couldn't make it in to a private school, that their admissions standards are lower because it is a state school, and that it's student body is afflicted with a higher-than-average infestation of venereal disease.


The "RU Screw" is the most heard about stereotype on campus. This entails the idea of Rutgers as a monstrous system that is waiting to screw students over, whether it be financially, academically, or otherwise.


i have only been here half a semester so i don't kno it all, but for the most part i think that there is this whole std going around called the scarlet knight. other stereotypes include that kids who dorm in the demereast building are weird, which is for the most part a little true. all the asians are on busch, which is true too. i don't hear too much bad stereotypes going around because i think rutgers has a lot of pride and people are glad to be a scarlet knight.


Most people that are high school students tend not to be excited about coming to Rutgers, they usually feel that since so many people from New Jersey come here, they're not special. They see theyre friends going to colleges all over the country, so when asked what school they plan to attend they simply say "Rutgers" with no enthusiasm.


Personally, I dont know about the specific stereotypes about Rutgers students in general but I do here about the different stereotypical behaviors encountered on each individual campus. For instance, Douglass is said to have the most feminem qualities not just because it was once an all girl school but because the girls there seem to give off a persona which exemplifies arrogants and rather stand offish behavior, whereas college ave is said to be known as the drinking campus, Bush as the more scientific campus (for obvious reasons) and Livingston as the quiet campus (a stereotype that was recently broken with the new lift on the incoming student policy).


we're all whores


The only one I'm really familiar with is the rampant STD stereotype that the university itself carries. You know, the one where everyone has an STD and spreads it around to anyone that does something sexual with them.


People outside the Rutgers community view Rutgers students as huge party animals, they think of the university as a party school. A lot of people don't realize what an amazing and elite school Rutgers is academically. Also, when I first started attending Rutgers as soon as you'd utter the name of your college people would begin to make jokes about STDs, saying Rutgers has their very own strain of an STD. I'm not sure if this is still a pertinent stereotype, but a year or two ago all that came to people's minds when you said Rutgers was a school infected with STDs, I don't think the party imaged helped this very much.


A lot of people think that Rutgers is composed of a collection of students that were not smart enough to get into more prestigious schools. We also have a reputation for being rampant with sexual disease after we agreed to participate in a survey about safe sex practices.


I remember some people saying that it was a big party school and warning me not to get the "Scarlet Clap".


STD Rate A continuation of high school Incredibly Large


Rutgers has a very negative image within New Jersey, but is widely respected out of state. Some common stereotypes include a high rate of STD transmission, enormous classrooms, and excessive bureaucratic "red tape," also known sometimes as the "RU Screw."


Some stereotypes that are held against Rutgers and the Rutgers students definitely would fall mostly upon the idea that students seem to be STD infested. Usually when someone finds out you go to Rutgers, the first thing asked is, " go to Slutgers huh?" Being that Rutgers is a well-known "party" school, I guess the notion that everyone is loose and promiscuous follows through with that notion as well.


1. The first thing I hear from non-Rutgers students is usually something to the effect of, "Rutgers? How many STD's do you have?" Apparently, some study came out that said that a quarter (or some ridiculous number like that) of the student population had some sort of STD. 2. Rutgers is absolutely full of New Jerseyans--not students from other states. 3. The infamous RU Screw: the academic/professional/parking staff will take every opportunity to ruin your life and your plans for the future.


I've heard that one out of five Rutgers students have some sort of sexually transmitted disease.


There is one major stereotype about Rutgers students that everyone has heard. STDs. Somehow a rumor got started that something like one in three people at Rutgers has an STD. This led to the very classy nickname, Slutgers.


Rutgers is known as a party school and its students are known as alcoholics. When I visit other colleges and mention Rutgers, students roll their eyes and use the term "slutgers". They seem to think we have many STDS. However, they find Rutgers to be a tougher school than most and therefore view its students as intelligent.


The RU Screw. They tend to suggest taking only four classes your first semester of college, which is 12 credits. And then you'd have to take five classes, which is 15 credits, for the rest of your college career. This guarantees that you will be exactly one credit short of graduating, because Rutgers requires a grand total of 120 credits. Not a single, disgruntled freshman knows that they're about to be screwed. They're just far too excited to have made it to college to begin with.


The most common stereotype at Rutgers University is the school's tendency to "RU Screw" its students. The infamous RU-Screw takes place when a student has some kind of issue with the university (whether students don't get into a required class to graduate, don't get appropriate credit that they have earned, etc) and they simply get tangled within a web of senseless bureaucracy when the student tries to fix the problem. A student can get directed from one department to another until they realize that they are just getting the run-around, accept their fate, and officially chalk themselves up as another student subjected to the RU-Screw. Another stereotype that I had heard through the grapevine in high school was that there is an abnormally high STD rate amongst Rutgers Students.