Rutgers University-New Brunswick Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person who should attend this school is one who is very extroverted and social. Rutgers is extremely big in population as well as space. There are many different types of people on campus, but one must take it upon themselves to put themselves out there.


The kind of person that should attend this school, is someone who is very opened and outgoing in all aspects of college life. Rutgers is such a big school that someone who is not into all of it could get lost in the crowd of things.


Any student that is open minded and diverse. The student should be looking for a large campus with many different opportunities for developing their interests.


Someone willing to adapt to changing enviornments and engage with a multitude of people every day should attend this school. Even if they area bit introverted, there are plenty of opportunities to build upon existing social skills and get involved.


A person who likes a challenge and is comfortable in a diverse environment should apply to the school. The school provides an excellent education at a moderate price for student who are New Jersey residents. A student who is capable of self- monitoring, and is disciplined enough to manage his/her time effectively should apply here.


Any person who wants to go to a school that is known for it's prestige.


Rutgers University is known to be one of the biggest party schools in the U.S. Prospective students shuld be more geared towards the sciences such as engineering, nursing, and pharmacy to be able to compete with more challenging students in hope to get a good job after graduation.


Rutgers has an extrememly diverse student body in regards to their student's personalities and nationalities. I feel that this school provides a lot of outlets and opportunities where students can associate themselves with others that share their same interests. This creates a comfortable environment for anyone considering Rutgers University.


I believe that the kind of person that should attend this school is someone who likes the feel of being on a big campus with various opportunities and who is also ready and eager to face a challenge.


A person with a very open mind should attend this school because people with all different kinds of backgrounds are here.


People who like being in a crowd.


There are no specifications when it comes to the kind of person who should attend Rutgers. The fact that Rutgers' students come from all walks of life is evidence that diversity is taken seriously. By bringing together people who are racially and ideologically different, Rutgers erects a pedestal for the youth to compete with the loud proclamations of people who hold powerful positions. Rutgers, with its determination to thoroughly impact its students with information, is the foundation anyone needs to open their mind to various ideologies in an environment that promotes innovation.


The perfect person to attend to Rutger University needs to have hunger for knowledge, be ready for an amazing experience on campus, and be prepared to make the frist steps as an independendent person. Rutgers is the best place for students who really want to focus on their career while enjoying the benefits that they have as students.


A person who loves diversity and gets along with other people . This school accepts people with different backgrounds.


Someone who is out-going and can make themselves at home anywhere.


Someone who wants to do their own thing.


Someone who is unsure what career path they want; someone who loves football and school spirit; someone who loves partying


Rutgers is a great college for students who don't need extra attention, feedback or motivation - students who can take the bull by the horns and make things happen.


A person who is very focused on his /her career goals.


Anyone who would like a challenge and graduate from a fairly prestigious school. It take a lot of effort, but those who know what they want or at the very least a good idea of where they want to go in life are best suited for this college.


Anyone determined to make the most out of their college career should attend Rutgers University. Rutgers is a diverse school with a variety of races, religions, and beliefs. There are numerous groups and activities that enable one to become involved and identify their passions. Someone who is interested in schools that offer a plethora of majors, minors, and opportunities would love to experience Rutgers. It is a large campus with benefits, so an outgoing person interested in meeting a lot of new people or even an introverted person desiring to expand their horizons would fit in wonderfully at Rutgers University.


Someone who isn't afraid of environments with lots of people with different beliefs and personalities. Someone who can tackle beining on their own, and not being watched after by faculty. Someonw who can take responsibility of themselves, have a little fun, but maintain their sense of self and thier focus.


Rutgers has something for everyone. Anyone can find a great experience here.


Rutgers is truly a diverse community that unites people of various races and cultures. It is a community of young people who aspire to become well educated professonals in society. It is a place for serious students that would like to attend a college with various classes and possibilities but would also enjoy an 'entertaining' enviroment.


Someone who is dedicated to achieving thier goals and looks forward to interaction with students as well as teachers. It is a great way to improve social characteristics.


Ahard working, diligent, detailed oriented person with good social skills and academic discipline


Rutgers, with its vast amount of majors and social and academic organizations, would be a great school for someone who is looking to discover who he/she while he/she is in college, or someone who needs a decent education at a reasonable price.


A person who is not intimidated by the size of the school or the student body. Rutgers is a great school with great resources and students need to take advantage of them.


A happy, open-minded person who is eagered to learn and experience a new environment. Rutgers provides plenty of new involvements and activities every single day. Everyone here are friendly and welcoming. Also, they are not afriad to give a little extra support to those who need them. Very upportive community with entertainment.


A self responsible and driven individual can succeed at this school, an affinity for college football doesn't hurt either.


Really, anyone can attend this school. Though the people who will do best here are those that are dedicated towards school, and will not be easily distracted by partying and other things that may get in the way. There are many distractions here, and unfortunately they get the best of a lot of people. That being said, I have met almost any type of person you could imagine here at Rutgers, and many of them do very well.


An outgoing person that will not lose himself/herself in such a large school will benefit from attending Rutgers. A person who will search for and make use of the resources.


Someone who is friendly and wants to broaden their horizons


Someone who won't get lost in a sea of opportunities. There are so many ways students can get involved and so many amazing opprtunities available. For example, my university (that has 35,000 students) paid for me to study human rights in Cambodia! Because it is a big school, you need to actively explore the resources that are available to students, but there are great things waiting for students who take the initiative to find them!


Rutgers University is a large university in which one can easily get loas and overlooked. Make a name for yourself by being actively involved in campus life. Writing articles for the Daily Targum is one great way in which to do this. If you are an outgoing person who does not fade into the crowd, RU may be a great choice for you.


The type of person that should attend this school is anyone. Rutgers has a very broad range of majors a person could get into.


Rutgers is best for people who like a bit of anonymity. It's a huge school so you can make a name for yourself if you want but there's always the option of blending into the crowd. You can go to class or the dining halls in your pjs, you can go out and party one night and be sure that nobody will remember you the next day- you have to really try to earn a rep or a label, so it's easy to do your own thing. Rutgers is great for people who are still finding themselves.


This school is genrally considered to be a public Ivy in that it has strong traditions and background, and good academia. I would recommend people who are looking at an affordable quality education to attend this school. The school is also very tolerant and diverse.


Someone who doesn't mind the big lecture halls/classes and is willing to get lost in the crowd. Dealing with the adminstration is a pain.


The type of people that should attend this school should be open to new ideas and diversity, while also having the ability to maintain a proper balance between there social lives and schoolwork. One problem on this campus is that many students indulge in ridiculously drunken parties throughout the week.


Someone who is interested in pursuing undergraduate and/or graduate research opportunities.


Motivated and open-minded.


Someone who is willing to accept other people and their differences while standing out in their own way. Diversity needs to be ok with this person and they should be proud of attending Rutgers


Anyone who loves New Jersey and who is willing to be at the most spirited college.


A person who attends this school definitely needs to be open to diversity. A vast amount of the students who attend Rutgers are non-white, but that just makes it even better of a school. A person also needs to be okay with a large campus. Walking here will only get you so far, and for the times where you can't walk, a bus is necessary to get you from point A to point B.


Well rounded person, fun, outgoing, but this school pretty much caters to all types.


A person that doesn't mind a huge school and likes the "state-school" environment. There are few loners and everybody finds friends.


outgoing, liberal, self-starter type


I would recommend Rutgers to anybody seeking a Grade A education from professional teachers, but who is also looking to get the most out of their college lifestyle. This is possible because of the great amount of extracurricular activities. There are simply to many to list, but whether a student decides to join a fraternity or sorority, or joins an academic or community service club, he or she will find themself feeling right at home, and will realize that college is far more open and enjoyable than high scholl ever was.


Goal oriented, outgoing, hardworking, people. Although it really doesnt matter because the school is so diverse that anyone can "fit in" they cannot be be academically lazy though.