Rutgers University-New Brunswick Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is intimidated by large campuses, who doesn't have a comfortable/healthy independence, or who doesn't like to socialize shoudld not attend this school.


Someone who is not driven


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school, is someone that would want a smaller student body and feels like the will have a better chance of getting one on one experience with professors and such. Also someone that is not into the whole 'all for one and one for all'. Rutgers is all about that.


Rutgers is a type of school that has a place for everyone. The school is truely diverse and has millions of different clubs reguarding your ethnicity and your interests. Anyone attending this school would feel at home or even if you wanted to get away from home, Rutgers teaches you about learning different cultures as you will have to interact with one of a different culture at some point; whether it will be in class or in the dining hall.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school are the types that dislike big universities, a ton of people, alcohol, drugs, etc. This university has a lot of it all. It's the stereotypical type of university that you see in movies with parties and what not.


The type of person that is closed-minded and not open to new experiences.


A student who enjoys a "bigger" experience, class wise, city wise, and anything in between.


A student who has a strong preference for a small college or university with less student diversity should not attend this school. The university comprises of a multi-cultural diverse social environment in both urban and rural environments. In addition, the University offers a wide range of majors, arts, and disciplines for undergraduates. If a student is not tolerant of this kind of learning atmosphere, the student should consider another university or institution.


Rutgers University is an extremely large campus. I was even nervous and felt unsure about attending because of its size, but it grew on me very quick since I spent four years commuting to Manhattan for high school. So anyone that is not willing to take a wait and take a crowded bus from campus to campus should not consider attending Rutgers. And anyone that is not used to or would not prefer large lecture halls.


Anyone who is opposed to diversity or acceptance of those from different backgrounds should not attend Rutgers. It is an extremely diverse environment with people from various ethnicites, religions, etc. and everyone is welcome.


A person who lives to feel a personal connection to their school. A big school can be fun but it is important to recognize how you will be able to succeed academically.


for the most part anyone would be comfortable at rutgers new brunswick. the only people i wouldnt recommend it to are people who strongly feel that a small school is for them. rutgers is massive.


You should not attend Rutgers University if you are not willing to put in the time necessary for studying towards your classes. Sure, Rutgers has its parties and fun activities but if you can not be able to balance the two then you should not attend this school. You have to be able to have fun and be strong academically in order to really take advantage of this wonderful school.


Students who are looking to use a prestigious institution to help them further their careers and social lives. Or students who want a cozy, easy private school experience.


A person that is truly motivated and career oriented should attend this school. It is important that the individual knows what they seek in life and is willing to put forth the effort to get it.


A person who is not comfortable with being a number instead of a student. It is very easy to get lost at Rutgers in the sea of thousands of students.


The school is rather accomodating for many different kinds of people, who seem to group together depending on their major of choice. The only people who really would not fit in are those who are chronically adverse to social interaction.


Shy people who keep to themselves should not attend Rutgers because inorder to feel as iof you belong you must tke the initiative to join clubs and club sports becuase no one is going to sign you up for them.


People that really are not comfortable in an environment where the university is really large should not attend this school. It is really a place for someone who enjoys such a big environment or who can find their niche in such an environment.


Someone who doesn't like Wednesday night parties and willing to do a lot of their own work to succeed.


If the person is more comfortable with in a smaller school environment then Rutgers is not the college for them. This university is very large and while there are many small sized classes, there are also many large lecture hall classes. Also if the person is uncomfortable with living in a dorm where there is only one big bathroom on each floor then they should not attend this school, especially as a freshmen.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school are those people that aren't ready to commit to an intelligent learning environment and have fun while doing so. It is a dynamic learning experience where people are encouraged to do more for themselves, and consequently have more freedom because of it: both academically and socially. If you like being babied around, then this college isn't for you.


The type of person that isn't very well suited to the Rutgers University environment is a one who perfers to watch and oberseve rather than submerge in the university enivronment. At Rutgers, the students engage both in the classroom and on campus. The campus life makes up a huge chunk of the Rutgers experience, so if one is more apt to remain in the dorm room, Rutgers isn't the best choice. My advice for the future Rutgers student- get out into the commmunity and experience college life.


The only people who shouldn't attend Rutgers are overly traditional, conservative people from the middle of nowhere. It may be a culture shock. Or maybe it's perfect for them, just what they need.


Any person who does want to feel like that they are "stuck" in college should not attend Rutgers. While it is only an hour train ride from New York City, unless you have a car, you are going to be stuck in a city with little job opportunity and nothing to do. Some enjoy the feeling of living in one large college campus or town, but if you are not one of those people, then Rutgers is not the place for you.


I personally would like to recommend this school for everybody since Rutgers has so much to offer. For those who want smaller, quiet, less sophisticated schools, Rutgers is not the one.


The type of person that shouldn't attend Rutgers is a person not open to trying things out. Rutgers is a highly diverse school teeming with different oppurtunities around every corner. If you don't go out of your comfort zone and try new things you'll see that you won't have that great of a time. When I went outside of my comfort zone I found I was having a lot more fun. If you aren't willing to try new things or think outside the box you will probably not get everything out of Rutgers.


People who desire a more intimiate college experience should not come here. It is gigantic and impersonal. It has three or four campuses spread across New Brunswick which can be reached by bus or car, aside from the one the student resides on. If you do not want large crowds of people, huge lecture classes and filled dining halls, then do not come here.


This school is rather large and can be a bit overwhelming at times. Individuals that are not self sufficient, focused, driven, and mature should not attend this university. Students who are not used to relying on themselves will not do very well here.


Someone who feels overwhelmed in a busy environment and needs indidivual attention in the classroom. Freshman/sophomore classes start with hundreds of people. If you are not self-motivated you will be unable to complete work and keep up with the work load.


Someone looking for an easy way to a degree. Rutgers is not as easy as many students may think. The high caliber of professors challenge students to achieve their highest potential.


If you're someone who's quiet and don't enjoy large classes, then Rutgers is not the school for you. A lot of the students here are loud and friendly, the classes can be a large and packed, and the campuses itself are large and sometimes hard to navigate if you're someone who don't take direction well.


A person that always needs a small classroom environment will not fit in here. Classes are generally very large, especially the first two years at this school, then they tend to get smaller once you begin taking more advanced courses. The campus itself is also very large, though each individual campus has its own smaller community.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is one that keeps to one's self and does not explore. Also, a person who is laid-back and does not go after what he or she wants will not do well at this school.


A person who needs small classes to learn effectively should not attend this school. Also, students who are worried about attending a large school with multiple campuses may find it to be very intimidating. Rutgers is also very challenging academically for students interested in the sciences, so one should not attend if they are not ready to seriously foctus on their academic work.


academically unfocused students.


The type of person who should not attend this school is somwone who can not handle a fast paced life style. In rutgers time management is the key to success.


The kind of person who should not attend this university is someone who is not tolerant of many different races, religions and economic backgrounds. There is an overwhelming amount of diversity at this university.


People that are prejudice against others. There is a lot of diversity at Rutgers which is great but those people might not be able to handle it.


this school is perfect for almost anyone its extremely diverse


People who cannot teach themselves concepts and cannot learn on their own should not attend this school. This is because the professors that teach here are pretty much more research oriented and their teaching skills are not the best out there. Most of the time, classes will require you to self-study at least some because the professor doesnt really "teach" the concepts during class. So if you cannot self study, coming here could be a problem for many of the classes.


Someone who want to be apart of a close knit community.


Someone who wants to go to a small school who has never been to a culturally diverse place. Rutgers is extremely culturally divers and can be a culture shock to those who have only been around one type of person, or in an area with very few different people.


One who does not like big schools and have trouble adjusting to huge class environments.


You should not attend this school if you do not like to try new things or are not adjustable to major changes in your life. Also, if you are not ready to be very independent and out on your own this school is not for you.


Someone who doesn't like being in a sea full of people and possibly taking classes in huge lecture halls with hundreds of other students, someone who doesn't want to get involved in extracurricular activities or want a diverse population of people surrounding them, and someone who doesn't like a small city environment where there isn't much parking and you walk to where you're going most of the time.


Those seeking an intellectually fulfilling education but don't want to do all of the work themselves.


The school is vary big and those who want a small community wouldn't be comfortable. More often than not, you'll see plenty of people you've never seen before everyday and might not even know everyone in your classes. The school places a lot of importance on the football program and it sometimes takes priority over academics.


a Shy person