Rutgers University-Newark Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is the most diverse campus in the United States and you get to meet and interact with lots of different types of people, but as far as school spirit, my school is sorely lacking in that area.


Rutgers at Newark is a consolation prize, that students ironically buy, for those not intelligent enough to pursue their goals and dreams alone.


Rutgers University is a very diverse university.


My school has an amazing biology department which works to make biology interesting for everyone.


Rutgers Newark is a school of opportunity and diversity that inspires you to take education and the learning experience to a new, elevated level.


Rutgers-Newark is a very diversed university, as I am sure it is commonly known. But there are other characteristics about this school that amounts to its contribution to society. The culturally diversed environment raises great awareness of people from different backgrounds, sexual orientation, religion, and race. Tolerance is not exactly promoted, but rather acceptance and welcomeness. Academically, Rutgers is nothing short of a challenge. It takes a great deal of work by dedicating time, effort, and patience to reach one's goals. And the student population is demanding and questioning of its own authorities.


the best school ever


My campus is small and homely.


Rutgers to me is a school that is here for me and i know it will get me to where i need to be.


To describe my school in one sentence, I would say it is multi-rounded, very ethnic, underestimated, charitable, selfless, and many more positive adjectives as well as being the best learning environment I have been a part of so far; the best experience of my life to date and i am still creating more memories; the best atmosphere to receive the resources everyone needs to survive in the real world; the best possible place to get almost everything from sports, activities, events, dining, books, etc.; and one of the best colleges out there.


My school is kind of hard but just need to apply your self to succeed.


My school is very diverse and has many opportunities to enhance you academically, socially, and intellectually.


The school was uncomfortably over packed.


Rutgers University Newark is the most diverse campus.


Rutgers is a very diverse well known and well respected. There is good school sprite, with lots of school activities and school clubs. The only problem I would say is that there is the Rutgers New-Brunswick campus and people tend to think the Newark campus is a much lower level.


Rutgers-Newark is an excellent stepping stone for a bright future.


Rutgers University is very diverse, and perfect for students of my calibur.


Rutgers is a great, fun, good sized, acadmecially and socially oriented college.