Rutgers University-Newark Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best know for diversity. There is an abundance in diversity in cultural backgrounds which makes socializing both interesting and educational. Meeting people from other countries is a great experience and it is fun to hear their perspective on life and current events. My advice would be to meet as many people possible, which will broaden your awareness about the world and the variety of people that exist. Everyone has a story to tell.


Rutgers University-Newark is best known for research. Prospective students who want a career in the science field as a researcher, or even in the psychology field, would have many opportunities to actually do research and eventually be published (as a student!).


The school is best known for it's convenience, location wise, and the business school that they have. Rutgers University-Newark has the benefit of being in the largest city of New Jersey and in the greater New York City Metropolitan area, which definitely add to its appeal. The Business School at the university is very efficient and a lot of the teachers & advisors are tremendously helpful with their time and advice.


Rutgers University is known for football and basketball. Also it is known for a great enviroment to study with excellent professors and shooling.


My school is best known for its quality education.


Rutgers-Newark is best known for the campus diversity. About three in every four people here come from a different ethnical background. Meeting people from different backgrounds has given me an edge because I feel I have received insight that I would not have been able to gain elsewhere. My school produces students that are well-equipped for global competition due to the diversity of people and therefore diversity of thought that is found on campus.


Rutgers is well known for their football team, law school, medical school, and engineer school. Rutgers has great transportation to various places around an dnear the campus as well as a train station near the campus to New York.


Being the most diverse campus in America for ethnicity.


Football and high rate of students receiving a job after graduation


Turning down an Ivy League invitation and providing a private school education at public school cost