Rutgers University-Newark Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?

Michael J.

Although Rutgers Newark is in a gentrifying and relatively safe area of the is still Newark and there are reports of crime around and sometimes within the campus.


For me, the worst thing would be not enough class time options such as weekend classes or night classes for people who work and need certain classes such as chemistry of biology. In order to complete these requirements, personal sacrifices in a persons' work or home life need to be made to accomodate class times; however, these sacrifices are only temporary and very much worth it.


I didn't like the location of the school. It's located in the inner city, I did not stay on campus, i commuted and toook public transportation so you had to go off grounds tin order to access public transportation. I am told that this has changed and the school now has shuttles to take students and staff too and from campus. This would be the only thing I did not like about the school. Besides this, I had a wonderful experience, great freinds and most of the professors were great as well. I would definitely recommend this school.


i dont think theres anything wrong with my school. perhaps the buildings and classrooms need updating, but thats it. i love everything about rutgers-newark


Although Rutgers-Newark is more of a "commuter" school, the administration has worked diligently over the years to create on campus housing.


Definitely the worst thing about my school is the parking. Getting to class on time sometimes becomes a hassle when there is absolutely no parking withing a 10 mile radius (exaggerated). The only way I've gotten around that is waking up at 6 to get there at 8 for a 1 PM class. Parking and workload are my top school annoyances.


The area surrounding the school can be dangerous at night.


To tell you the truth, I believe Rutgers places way too much emphasis on research. Admittedly, research is essential and can give us a better understanding of many issues. Some members of the faculty have been recognized over the years for their written works, contribution to their respective fields of study, and of course their substantial findings. However, they (the faculty) should place more care and dedication to the Academic standards. Specifically in regards to the material being taught. Some professors focus greatly on their own material rather than that which students should be learning about.


The worst thing about my campus is the lack of involvement in programs put on by student organizations due to the fact that so many students are commuters.


The worst thing about my school is the parking situation, there is no where to park. They have 2 parking decks and 1 parking lot that I still dont know where it is. If one doesn't get to school more than 1 hour earlier than their class, they will be driving around for an hour until the parking deck opens up.