Rutgers University-Newark Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any person can attend this school. It is a very diverse school. It is not to far from Mahattan and also there are trains and buses that can take you to the school. The school also has parking garages buy a permit. I met many people that lived far away or close. Also this school is a big commuter school unlike its other campus in New Brunswick which is mostly for people who dorm.


Rutgers Newark is one of the most diverse school in United States. It's small school with a very diverse population. People who like diversity definitely should check out the campus.


Anyone can attend this school. However, Rutgers Newark is especially known as a cummuter school. In addition to this, I bleieve Rutgers neark, school of business is one of the best and is well known for it's school of Business.


Anyone trying to seriously further their education. Rutgers-Newark also offers internships with neighboring schools such as NJIT and UMDNJ


A person who is interested to work seriously and who is a hard working student.


Anyome who wants a very good education and actually wants to learn something out of college. Anyone can come to this school, because Rutgers-Newark is the most diverse campus in the country, representing nearly 50 different countries around the world as well as socio-economic diversity. This school is cheap for the amount of education you get out of it as well.


Anyone and Everyone should attend Rutgers. It's one of the most diverse colleges in the United States. Rutgers is a very diverse place in terms of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and just about everything else. Someone who is goal driven, and love to succeed should attend Rutgers.


A student that wants to meet new people of different backrounds. A student that prefers a smaller school over a larger one in respects to both student body size and campus size. A student that lives close to the school, because dorming here is too expensive. If they had the opportunity to dorm they should have went to Rutgers - New Brunswick. A student that likes nice teachers that actually want to help the students learn instead of the trickery that goes on in other schools. A student where everyone on campus is friendly and eager to help a fellow student.


Diverse campus with a lot of different people


Anyone who is interested in a great value for the education and fit in regardless of your religion or ethnicity.


The liberal explorer who wants to learn more about cultures, ethnicities and doesn't mind expanding their horizons. Rutgers University located in Newark is very culturally diverse and anyone who can appreciate different groups of people as well incorporate their own culture should consider attending this school. Not only would he/she enjoy interacting with different people, there are many activities that he/she can join to further enhance their cultural knowledge.


Someone whos is smart but is freindly and socail. Has the will to work hard and is determined to succeed. Someone that wants a better life to take care of their family by geting a good job.


I think any person that has potential and goals should attend this school.


Someone who wants to surround themselves with ethnic diversity and be able to be around people who offer thoughts and ideas from different parts of the world. It is a commuter school, so there is not much socializing that occurs on this campus.


A person who knows what they want to do with their life and is highly independent. This campus does not offer a lot of guidence for students and you have to figure a lot of things out for yourself.