Rutgers University-Newark Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone looking to attend a school that is geared towards the students should go elsewhere, the classes, structure, and design of the program and websites, tools, and resources available are pretty bad. In addition, if you are attending for the parties and outside of school events and socializing, this isn't the place. If you are focused, wnat to land an internship or work for a large corporation, this is the place for you


A person who is not willing to do the work for the grades should not attend Rutgers University. All of the professors are pretty nice and are willing to help you with whatever you need, if you ask. Someone who expects good grades without producing the work, will not do well at Rutgers University-Newark.


If you want a big school then I don't think you'll like the Rutgers Newark campus. The Newark campus is smaller compare to the New Brunswick one. Other than that everything is fine.


From my experience, I wouldn't advise a lazy or unmotivated person to attend this school. During my time leading up to attending Rutgers Business School, I've done a lot of work in order to be prepared. These include ordering my books early, meeting my academic advisor, contacting professors, making payments, and much more. This has been tiring at times, and if I was weak-minded, I might have been discouraged at some point. Fortunately, I have set a goal to graduate from this school and earn high grades, and I won't make any excuses for myself.


I think everyone could find a place for themselves at this school.


A person who wants to be even more scammed by another college business shouldn't attend this university, for Rutgers at Newark is a light scam due to its relatively mere tuition. Also, a truly intelligent person shouldn't attend this school because they do not need a piece of paper, after 4 years of meaningless input and output, to represent his or her intelligence. An intelligent person shouldn't need to go to Rutgers at Newark, let alone any other college, for they do not need help from a myriad amount of apparently certified professors who plainly regurgitate information.


Those who expect to follow the beaten path and be successful.


Rutgers Newark has been called the most diverse campus for the last thirteen years, so I think someone who is not open to differences among students should not attend this school. The university has a lot to offer in many different fields, but if your not willing to take your initiative to take advantage of them you might want to attend a smaller more focussed school.


Students who aren't fond of studying.


Somebody who doesn't like big classes. This school is huge.


I can't pick a certain group of people who shouldn't attend this school however one resonable answer would be if they do not have the major that you are interested in. Rutgers University happens to be the most diverse school in the nation, I believe, and when I walk about campus I can see it. Everyone is invited; all ethnic types, personalities, and people who want to obtain that higher level of education.


A person who is wants bigger school. A person who wants to be involved in sports (ex, football) professionally.


Not someone looking for a active social life, because majority of the students go home after a certain time.


very diverse school so anyone that isnt looking for a large campus that is near a city.


I think type of person who shoudn't attend this school is someone who is afraid of tying something new. I moved to New Jersey from California and living in Newark has been quite an experience. It's close to the city and one has so may options to pursue.


This school is perfect for any student.


People who like a nice community, where its easy to meet new people, make life friends. Someone who wants to move foward academically in their life without cutting off their social life. Also people who like to sleep in this is the college for you, you can wake up with 10 mins to get ready and still get to class on time. the capus is just the perfect size, not too big, not too small.