Rutgers University-Newark Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Rutgers University- Newark is its campus diversity. Rutgers- University is the most diverse university in the country. Having the opportunity to share and learn with students from all over the world allows students to appreaciate difference. Each student brings to the table personal experience, theoretical knowledge, and cultural diversity. Rutgers- Newark is a small campus that allows students and faculty to connect with each other.


The best thing about Rutgers-Newark was that most of the degree programs/classes were small and that allowed for better learning. The professors, at least mine, were always accessible and willing to offer help or advice. I enjoyed that the campus was small and that their wasn't much walking distance between buildings or classes as well.


Its proximity to the opportunities available in New York City.


The size. My school is nice and small and everything is easy to get to. Everything on campus is a five minute walk. The dorms are located right across the streets from the classes. Everything is conveniently located.


The diverse atmosphere is very educational. Working with students and professors from so many different backgrounds is a great way to learn and experience school and life is a way that really expands your mind.


Although the campus life is lacking Rutgers Unviersity is a very well known school where you have connections and the Rutgers degree is looked upon highly so I expect that finding a job shouldn't be too difficult and if you love what you learn and major in you usually learn a lot about it. My major is sociology and I love my classes, the professors are excellent and down to earth.


The best thing about Rutgers is the faculty.


I feel that my school is extremely diverse and it is a reflection of the United States today which is people from different countries all coming together.


They instructors really work with you when you having difficult times.


I consider ethnicity is the best thing about my school because it is a vibrant community with individuals of different backgrounds, but the same goals. I, as well, as my colleagues, want to succeed in life and we have the resources presented to us in Rutgers University- Newark. The education given is superfluous and I believe it will only get better. The persons I have met and the ones I will meet will be a part of my life forever and it is all thanks to the school and the staff and students that make it one of the best.