Sacramento City College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Young and recently graduated from high school.


My classmates are from various ethnic backgrounds who all share the desire to succeed and help the people around them do the same.


My classmates are very intellectual and very respectful persons that will aide you if you need any help.


My classmates are all really happy and excited to be in their classes becasue they enjoy school.


My classmates are easy to get along with, hardworking, and very self-motivated.


Self-motivated entrepreneurs; who dream, believe, and want to do more for themselves with the little that was given to them.


My classmates are a group of wonderfully diverse people. I have met men and women who have brought their unique experiences - not only at school, but in life - to the table and made for a more educational experience outside of the textbook and laboratory world. The social aspect of college is just as important as the academic, and Sacramento City College has been a great place to meet fun, exciting people that enrich not only my social life but my learning experiences here at the college. If are looking for a great and passionate student body, SCC definitely has it.


My classmates are very diverse in background, experience, and ideas.


the classmates are different, not your typical high school kids anymore. all grown and focused and goiing to school for tha same reasons your goiing. still the same goofy class clowns but with alot more manners and control as well as responsibilty. college is actually fun seeing that high school was just alright. in the classes you have fun while you learn witch is the best combination ever


My classemates are dedicated students with excellent work ethics, and they have all have the desire to work in the medical field.

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