Sacramento City College Top Questions

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Onestly nothing is unique about it at all. Before i decided to attend Sacramento City College i was looking into USC but then i saw the cost i know my family and myself can not affored at all. Later this year on July 12 2010 ill be attenting Art Institute of California of Sacramento because its less in cost, but its still a lost of money, someone who wants to become a film maker can change the way how a movie is persented to you and the people around the world and that is whats unique about film school.


There is a wide diversity of students and faculty, and this creates a great learning environment. They also offer lots of services to students wanting to transfer to 4 year colleges, and have transfer days set up to meet with people from those schools.


I actually went to another community college first and was so lost. The counselors and financial aid staff were unhelpful and I felt so lost. When I went to so Sac City it was so nice. The counselors told me what classes to take and the financial aid staff helped me to get the grants and financial aid that I needed.


The resources are great. Last semester I was able to get all my books for free because of different programs, but the staff makes sure that these resources are widely known about.

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