Sacramento City College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is their accomidability, because of their reputation for being a commuter school they had great ideas to put campuses of Sacramento City College in other towns near sacramento such as the Davis and West Sacramento Center. These campuses extend the ability to meet with a counselor or get tutored dependeing on where you live and your life's schedule.


The best thing about my school is the great professors they have teaching there. Every professor I've had the pleassure of being taught by has been very unique. They all have different ways of teaching and making sure that the students understanding of all the materials is their #1 goal . They found ways to make you want to learn and keep continuing to come to classes even through the bad weather, all they buzz with the swine flu, and all the parking or lack there of.


The teachers overall are simply phenomenal. During the time that I've attended the school, I have had yet to encounter one who either came off as ill-experienced or was a bore. They are all wonderful and interesting people. One thing that especially captivates me about the teachers here is that they tend to offer to assist a student beyond the class itself. They are not merely there as a teacher of a specific subject matter, they are also there as a friend who you can consult whenever you are in need.


All of the student support services.


The teachers are amazing!!! I have attendended several schools throughout the US, and have found that teachers in Community Colleges LOVE thier subjects and LOVE what they are doing, and so therefore do it well.


The atmosphere. It's so diverse, I always feel so welcomed there. When I walked into the school, I feel like I want to be there, I want to succeed. The school has charm and inspires motivation.


The best thing i like about city college is that it's alot cheaper. Especially with today's economy, I prefer to start off my first two years at a city college especially since I am still an undecided major.


My campus is so diverse, I meet different kinds of people every day. It is never boring.

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