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Sacred Heart is located between Bridgeport and Fairfield, one with a busy city with career opportunities and one with beaches and shopping adventures. Sacred Heart has a somewhat diverse variety of students and has many different extracurricular groups to join.


What is unique about my school is the sense of community. Sacred Heart is like a big High school, people say. It's easy to adjust, and there are many oppurtunities to get involved, especially in the surrounding community. We also have a really great placement rate within our desired field of study upon graduation.


How nice and friendly everyone is. SHU has such a tight community and such a welcoming enviroment which I don't think you get at many universities.


It is very small and offers a wide array of courses and majors. The professors were friendly and very willing to help. The classes were small, so the professors knew every student by name/face and they were able to target their individual needs.


My school is a small campus, so the class sizes are small as well. That makes my school ideal for those who need or want one on one attention. Also all of the professors go out of their way to help you in any way they can.


Sacred Heart is small enough that the faculty and staff will recognize you, but large enough that you will still meet new people all the time. There are no lectures at all! The largest class size you'll get is about 30 students. The social life is for everyone; Sacred Heart sponsors concerts, speakers, and events such as Winter Week & Harvest Week, but there is also an outside social scene for people who are looking to party (it is a dry campus though).


They say "personal attention" that "leads to personal achievement" is their priority. Though some professors and limited staff/faculty do live up to this... don't expect it from everyone.


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It is a small, Catholic school which is what I wanted. They also have a good nursing program.


it was perfect for me!


The price of the school goes up every year. It's hard to afford it.


SHU is a poor-mediocre school. Although I did enjoy my 2 years at SHU, I attribute my good times to the friends I have made, not to the school


Overall, I absolutely love Sacred Heart. It's not easy to know know if it's the school for you.


In my opinion, SHU needs to raise its admission standards and expand its demographic area. I swear to God, some of the people I went to school with have the I.Q. of a rock. I wish people saw the world the way I see it. I will admit, I hade a rough four years at SHU. I had personal problems, saw 2 of my high school firiends pass away, and had multiple athletic injuries that required surgery. But, it made me who I am. I got a great education (I hold 2 BS degrees - chemistry and mathematics), made some life-long friends, met the woman of my dreams, got into shape, and I now have a high paying job as a chemist and will be attending graduate school for my Ph.D. in physical chemistry. I can't complain. If I could do it again, I would (minus some of the people who made my life a living hell).


there are a lot of kids who go here and cut loose. most of them are jerks.


All in all the Sacred Heart is a great learning experience and a friendly environment.


I just feel that prices need to be cut because a lot of college students aren't rich.


I love it here at SHU!!