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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


most popular are the school clubs as well as the student activities


A bar school, 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. Very few parties.


Habitat is huge on campus. The guest speakers that come are also always interesting.


I found the most popular groups, teams, clubs to be Habitat for Humanity, Faterities/Sororities, Dance team, football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Ice Hockey(Div 1 and club), Best Buddies, Sunshine kids, mentoring(at a local elementary school). I participated in club field hockey, mentoring, and habitat. Each of these activities were a lot of fun and each had something different to enjoy. I would highly reccomend getting involved from the start. You meet a lot of new people and it looks good later on :-). Depending on the sport, athletic events are very popular and very supportive of our teams. I also enjoyed the guest speakers. I'm glad one of my teachers made it extra credit to go to them because most of them were pretty good. I met my friends through orientation, the people who lived on my floor, in class, attending activities, and through other friends. Normally if I was up at 2am on Tuesday, I was probably doing hw( bad habit). Each year people attend homecoming. Other events that happen each year are concerts (normally 2/year), carnivals, more opportunities for freshman to meet people. Other things to do on a Saturday night could involve seeing a movie, going out to dinner with a bunch of friends, staying in and watching movies, occaisionally there are trips to the city for shu students, or bowling(if someone can drive).


Not too much to do. Bridgeport is a terrible area, and the clubs/bars are all in bad areas. Very costly - cabs + entrance fees + drinks. RAs are VERY strict in dorms - if you plan on drinking in your room you must be very quiet or else you will get written up, which means you have to pay a $50 fine, your parents receive a letter and you must attend an alcohol awareness class with the RHD.


If there is not a division 1 team for a particular sport, there is most likely a club for it...or even better, one can start a club for it! So there are always things to do. In my experience, students go home when they are forced Christmas break when the dorms are closed. Otherwise, there are always people around to hang out and have fun with. There are different things to do for every person, whether it'd going out and the bar scene, school held events like comedians, or the theatre. I cannot wait for when I am a senior and get to experience Senior Week. It is a time when all seniors spend a week living in the freshman dorms together, and the school plans events all week..nights out at bars/restaurants, a formal dance,etc.


There are a lot of speakers, and social life only takes place on the weekends.


ALL SHU STUDENTS DO IS DRINK. It's sad really. I don't drink much, but I am considered a minortiy at school. It's pathetic. I have never seen so much alcohol. And you know what, most of the students who go over the top are those who are from Long Island and live the excessive lifestyle. I guess they enjoy playing into the stereotype. Personally, I don't have time to have much of a social life due to graduate school. But, my friends and I occasionally get some beers and play video games. I also try to spend as much time as I can with the woman who means more to me than anything else on Earth. She is very special to me and I am happy that she has been by my side for my entire college career.


There are many activities put on by the school but the main social activity is drinking. The school very much downplays the amount of drinking and is rather harsh on the punishment if caught with liqour on the dry campus. Fraternites and sororities are not as popular here as in other schools but they do exist.


could use a bit more social life especially on the weekends.


There are a ton of clubs on campus. We have a club for almost anything. I am on the dance team which is ranked 4th in the nation. It is considered a club sport but we do more than just dance at the football and basketball games. The dorms are always a fun place. For the most part people leave their doors open and everyone intermingles. It just depends on the the people that live on your floor. If they aren't, then just go to another floor and walk around. The school brings some pretty cool people to come and speak. We've had Robin Roberts and Lisa Ling these past 2 years. They offer an interesting lecture series. We have frats and sororities but they aren't the popular thing to do. But they are here if interested. They aren't national frats or sororities so your friends from home will have never heard of them. On the weekend everyone typically goes to the same bar down the road. It is all SHU students. Once you get older people will take the train into New Haven and goes out to the bars and clubs there. There are a couple of 18+ clubs that you can go to. Or just the usual house party.


There is plenty to do here at SHU. There is always something going on. What is done a lot of the time is there are trips to certain places. Some go to New York City to see a Broadway play, or to a Yankee game. I recently went on a trip to Boston for 5 dollars, and am going to a Yankee game soon that was 7 dollars. As you can see these trips wont make a huge dent in your wallet, which is great on a college students budget. We also have two concerts a year. This year we had Lifehouse come, and Neyo and Tpain. When it comes to fraternaties and sororities... it's not like some extremely greek schools where you have to be in a sorority/fraternity to be someone, that's not the case here at SHU. I think it's a good way to meet people and the greek system is something that could be very interesting.


The University offers a large array of guest speakers every year for students to become involved. For the most part they are very interesting and a great learning experience. Altho the University is not directly involved with fraternities/sororities, we still offer many groups. On the weekends there isn't much to do unless you like to go out to 18+ bars. Its becomes hard to entertain friends on campus unless it's basketball season.


the most popular groups on campus are sororties, frats, and sports teams. I'm involved with the psych club. yes people leave their doors up. athletic events are popular, but not the highlight of the week. I met my closest friends in class or because they lived next door to me freshman year. If i was awake on tuesday at 2am i would probabily be watching tv or doing homework. Mr. shu happens every year, along with the dance recitols. people party every weekend and frats and sororities are very popular and important to a lot of people. Last weekend i went to six flags, and studied all friday and saturday.. it was really boring but i needed to get work done. On a saturday night, you can go to a movie, but a lot of people go out.


I don't really know much about activities and social life at shu because i'm a commuter. But off campus i just chill at home and hang out with my friends.


Sacred Heart has a very active student body - in fact you would probably be hard pressed to find someone who isn't involved in some activity or another. I am a member of greek life and we have our own little 'love to hate cha' family, but weather its dance, athletics - whatever...people are involved. Greek life is always putting on some event, and we have our own 'greek olympics' in the fall. Sacred Heart also has a healthy party scene. There are several bars that the age impaired have no prob working their way into, and also some chill strictly 21+ bars in our 'lovely' local Bridegeport area. There is always some house party to crash on the weekend, and some classic local diners where you can nurse your hang over.


all sports teams are popluar. i hang out with the softball team and plan on trying out next season. they are great girls and really took me in under their wings my first couple of weeks here (im a second semester transfer). students always leave their dorms open and thats a warm feeling because you interact with everyone on your floor and become a family. the althetic events are pretty popular when there are home games and any events on campus are usually crowded. if i am awake at 2am (which is usually everyday) i am hanging out and talking with my friends and doing homework or studying for a test. people party all weekend. off campus you can go into new haven and go to clubs, you can go downtown fairfield and pretty much can just do whatever you want.


You need to be part of an organization such as Res. Life, Student Government, Greek Life otherwise you'll be bored out of your mind! These organizations always put on events and activities to do over the weekend and during the week.


Some of the most popular groups/organizations/clubs/teams on campus are the men's rugby team, club soccer, academic clubs, dance team, habitat for humanity and class senate. Athletic events are definitly become more popular and each semester we have a concert on campus which is always a big hit. Fraternities and sororities at Sacred Heart are not as big of a deal as they are at other schools. They are not national frats and sororities and many people just make fun of them during their pledging process.


I'd say the most popular team on campus would be the mens basketball team. EVerybody knows who they are when they see them. I, myself am involved with the Womens Ice Hockey team. Yes, students leave their dorm room doors open. Guest Speakers and athletic events are all pretty popular but I dont know too much about the theater. I met my closest friend because she was my roommate my freshman year. If I am awake at 2am on a tuesday, i am either watching TV or eating. People party about 3 times a week.


The largest groups on campus are SET (Student Events Team) and Student Government. However, there are plenty of smaller organizations you can get involved with. I am involved with three small groups, Peace by Justice, GSA, and SW Club. Athletic events are pretty popular and free for all students with SHU ID. I met my closest friends through volunteer work that I was involved with, CURTIS week. There are always activities to get involved with. I do not party, but I feel partying is a large part of college for many people. However, there is always movies on the weekends once a month on campus or just hanging out with friends. Greek life is a relatively small group on campus. They are seen and if you are interested in it it is there. However, not many people participate in Greek Life. Off campus, there is bowling or mini golf when the weather is nice, as well as ice skating or movies when it cold.


social life is pretty good at sacred heart. everyone is looking to meet new people and there are endless ways to do that. most of my closet friends live on my floor and we all get alone. i joined a few groups to meet people and my favorite was italian club. i am just sad that this year is over.


I personally took on a lot of classes and clubs and work (a job) for my schedule, so I spend most of my time in the main academic building in class, in a club meeting, doing some event, or just doing work. I don't have a roommate, so I don't spend much time in my dorm, I like being around my friends between classes, just talking and working. I personally have seven classes and am a member of four clubs, and attend random meeting for some other clubs as well. Some students leave thier doors open, for friend to just stop by. When I am in my dorm building I am either just coming in at about 10 or 11, or I am in the kitchen cooking. Some athletic events are more popular than others, like football and basketball. Some of the theater events are also popular, like the choir concert or SHU Dance show at the end of every semester. I met my best friend here at SHU at move in weekend through a friend I had met at oriantation. Some of my other really close friends I met in class or in choir. There is usually some party or bar event on weekends that at lot of students go to. I personally don't go to clubs or bars, so I don't know how they are. On the rare occasions I do go off campus, it is usually with a friend on weekends, either to the mall, or to a friends house not far from campus for a dinner party or movie. However, since there is always something going on here, I usually stick around campus to enjoy the events.


At Sacred Heart there's not really a ton of things you can do without having a car. That being said, our sports teams get a lot of support as well as our dance team and drama club. Students go to on campus activities 1. because they're free and 2. because they're actually fun. Thursday nights are the "night out" where we go to bridgeport or new haven to a club. It's a really good time and kids have tons of fun.