Sacred Heart University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My school is a small-medium sized school which allows us to bond and grow together as a community and loving family. The professors get to know me and everyone in the class with our names memorized by the third class. In short, Sacred Heart University is the best because it is a loving campus with a spirited student body.


My highschool is a family. Everyone in my highschool has grew up with eachother and everyone acts like one big family. The teachers, coaches, and students all work together for the same goal. My highschool was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I miss seeing my fun and exciting teachers everyday. I also miss our sporting events that took place. Our school loves both our education and sports, and makes sure all of its students are able to balance and focus on their futures.


There's a nice community here at SHU. Everyone seems to genuinely care about one another.


I would brag about the campus! It is beautiful and the campus is continuing to grow! I love the new additions to the school, especially the new student center because it is so modern.


That I love my professors.


Our spirit


The quality of the faculty, specifically that the professors would be so giving with their time to engage in long conversations beyond the confines of the classroom, who were willing to waive requirements and adjust deadlines if they knew the students was genuinely seeking knowledge, and that they more often than not assigned primary sources. Nothing really compares to reading the original "Great Books" of the Liberal Arts Cannon.


Because I am in the nursing program, for the most part i brag about that. It is very well put together, lots of clinial work and help when needed, hands on labs and learning, etc. This is the main reason I am at this school.


I don't really brag about Sacred Heart very much. It's kind of a joke. If anything, I brag about how well-known I am on campus, and how much sleep I get and how little work I do to maintain a B average as a Business major.


I had a wonderful experience with my college professors. Each of my professors knew me by name, and were more than willing to help outside of class hours. When I speak with friends who had no relationship with their professors, I feel sorry for them. Mine knew me, and therefore were able to write wonderful recommendation letters for my continued education.


That i feel so at home there, my friends