Sacred Heart University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Wealthy/limited diversity


hot girls go here, we live in the ghetto


As you have probably read from other reviews, we are stereotyped as a bunch of snotty rich kids from Long Island. I personally only have a handful of friends from Long Island here, none of which I would consider anywhere near snotty. A great deal of my friends are from New England. Regardless of where we are from, SHU students are really friendly and helpful to eachother.


SHU is often stereotyped as a total Long Island school. Take it from a Bostonian, there is a place for everyone =) We all coexist harmoniously and it makes the NY/Boston rivalry that much more fun and exciting, no comments on the Superbowl. People also ask if we are a suitcase school-not at all! There is a TON to do everyday and every weekend, so get involved. You'll want to stick around. Your friends will too! Underage drinking is a problem across the country. I don't think SHU falls into the category of more than any other school. We are a dry campus, so stricter rules fall on campus grounds and offenders-this shouldn't be a surprise! One thing I think SHU really excels in is promoting a lot of various activities for students to participate in-partying is not the only weekend option!


Everyone at Sacred Heart is rich and stuck up.


Everyone is from long island, too small of a school, not diverse


Because of the location of the school, SHU has a wide variety of personalities. Although there is little racial diversity, the "type" of character ranges from wealthy and preppy to gangster from the Bronx.


Some people may stereotype Sacred Heart girls as very into fashion and a bit stuck up.


party school, most students are anything but good church girls and boys, internships are supposed to be good


Most of the student body is from Long Island and Northern New Jersey.


Rich, spoiled, shallow individuals. The majority of SHU students are from Long Island, which is notorious for wealth, greed, and more or less, the "guido" lifestyle of excess. Sacred Heart students are perceived as slackers because most opt for majors which are considered easy, such as psychology, business, or other social sciences.


The steroytypes are that we are all tanned preppy girls carrying a Coach bag wearing Uggs. The guys are classified as guidos who enjoy nothing more than pumping iron at the gym and a party after.


snobby. rich.


Some stereotypes about Sacred Heart is that everyone has a lot of money and everyone is from long island


I haven't really heard of any stereotypes of the students here.


Sacred Heart is like a high school. It's too small and you are treated like a child.


Overly expensive, high class, rude, stuck-up.


That we're all rich kids from long island who depend on mommy and daddy for everything.


Its just like a big high school....


- everyone is rich - all new jersey and new york people go here


A stereotypical student at SHU would be a "Guido" or "Guidette". *People who are an abnormal skin color because they spend way to much time in the tanning beds. *You're either Italian or Irish. *Community oriented * Giving


One of the major stereotypes about Sacred Heart students is that they are all rich, snobby, Long Island kids.


That all students are from Long Island and that everyone is rich


Some stereotypes is that we are all from long island, Italian, rich, party a lot and snobby.


they are predominantly white and have families with high income.


Some stereo types about Sacred Heart and its students is that since it is a small Catholic school, its students are closeminded about many things, some times the students are stuck up and prejudice.


That we're all stuck up and study all the time.


Everyone is from long island, mass, or new york


That we have very good looking students.