Sacred Heart University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Sacred Heart has some incredible professors, however, the tough economic times are leading to a loss in some of their best. Staff is most definitely "going downhill."


Its a safe place where you're sure to find people that are similar to you. The kids are nice and easy to get along with. The faculty is helpful and very willing to meet up for extra help.


I absolutely love Sacred Heart. Our small community is something that I adore because I love being recognized as a person and not just another face. There is ALWAYS something to do here on campus- The Student Events Team hosts bingo nights, movie nights, comedians, magic shows, any much more! Sacred Heart is also conveniently located to the train station (we have a shuttle bus for all you freshman that can't have your cars just yet) so it is quite easy to get down to New York City. Sacred Heart hosts trips down to Broadway to see shows, to Six Flags, trips up to Boston, and many more! I am actually going on a trip in January down to Washington D.C. to see the inauguration of our new President! There is also plenty to do off campus as well; SHU has a shuttle bus that runs to the mall, downtown fairfield to shops and restaurants, and the train station. As for housing, I have lived in campus housing all 4 years of my education here. Our freshman dorms are very clean and pretty spacious compared to other colleges, and the housing only gets better into your sophomore, junior, and senior years. All in all, I have LOVED my time here at Sacred Heart University and will be so sad to leave when I graduate in May!


The faculty is great. The classes are small so the professors really get to know you and you get to know them.


I like the fact that Sacred Heart isn't too big because that allows for smaller classes and extra help from teacher if needed. However with it being smaller you run into the problem of it reminding you of high school. When I tell people i go to Sacred Heart they recognize it as a good school, and some are still starting to hear about it. I spend most of my time on campus either going to class, going to the gym, and hanging around the dorms. Sacred Heart isn't a school in a big city(if your looking for that) but its also not in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to our shuttle(SHUttle) system, it takes you to various places that you would need to go to like the mall, food store, ferry/train station and other shopping centers. Sacred Heart students show a lot of support for their sport team especially, football and basketball. Everyone normally wears school colors and/or face/chest painting. Some people get really into it, but its fun.


I love Sacred Heart because the size of the school is just right. I like being a name to professors and not just a number. The atmosphere is awesome, there is always something going on around campus and all students show school pride, esp at big games.


SHU is a very small campus. There is only one academic building. Myself, along with most of the other students, would relate SHU to a large high school. You see the same people over and over every day. The SHU administration is a very large problem. They do not care about their students. I had several problems on campus, including a sexual harrassment issue, and the judicial officer, the dean of students, as well as the vice president and president of the school ignored my concerns. I am transferring out of SHU because of their lack of concern for their students. Sacred Heart University looks like a great university on paper, but in reality they do the bare minimum to charge their students thousands upon thousands of dollars.


It is a smaller college but I feel like it is just the right size where you see new faces everyday, but are also comforted by seeing familiar faces every day as well. I spend most of my time with my friends on campus, being involved in different activites, and just hanging out and having fun with everyone.


I have yet to find the best thing about Sacred Heart. Personally I think that the teachers don't think students can do anything. From experience if you want a teacher to believe that you have potential to do something they wont and you have to prove it to them over and over again. The 5 year education program was misrepresented and the classes are either all at the same time or not given so if you want a concentration in anything imparticular you probably wont get it.


Sacred Heart is a very small school. You usually see the same people every day. The housing on campus is not that great. Sacred Heart has a very small campus, with a small amount of green areas.


SHU has the perfect size (population) of any school I've been to. It's not too big or too small. But, there is one glaring aspect that SHU needs to work on - facilities. There is not enough parking or student facilities. The SHU administration refused to listen to student complaints about the new chapel being built in the last green spot on campus. We as students tried to complain about how we didn't need a chapel because there were other needs (such as paking lots). Also, Public Saftey needs to do a better job at monitoring parking lots and being more responsive to student needs. As far as education goes, my department (chemistry) was excellent. I cannot vouch for any other department.


I believe Sacred Heart is the right size for a University, large enough to be a dorming campus, while small enough that you can get to know most of your class. The location is also perfect as you are an hour and a half train ride into New York and also not that far from Boston. We get to enjoy the city life without actually having to live directly in the city. However, dont let the suburb fool you, Bridgeport is directly around the corner and that leaves far behind the upscale society of Fairfield. The worst part about living on campus is the extreme lack of parking as North lot becomes a battlefield when trying to find a space.


it is a great school that is welcoming to a broad range of people but it could do more to make it's students feel more connected and bonded in similarites. there is not alot of school pride.


Sacred Heart is a great school if your looking for something on the smaller side. Eventually you begin to know people just by faces. I think it is the perfrect size. The classes have just the right amount of people. The school spends a lot of money on unneccessary things when we need more parking lots and dorms. There aren't a lot of options for juniors and seniors to live so a lot of people live off campus in houses. We have great athletic teams but not a lot of people go to games. Only when it is important and on tv. Everyone who comes to Sacred Heart begins to love it at some point, if not immediately.


Sacred Heart University is very small college, which is in my opinion a really nice attribute. I went to small catholic schools my whole life so to me Sacred heart was a perfect fit. Freshman usually all dorm together in Seton and Merton Halls, and some freshman also live across the street at the Roncalli residences. When the weather is nice a lot of kids go out and sit on the grass behind Merton Hall which is one of our freshman dorms, there are people playing frisbee, whiffle ball, catch, football, etc. A lot of students also frequent the gym, which is located in the Pitt Center across from the Admissions building. If you want to come for a tour I would recommend coming either early on in the year or later on like late March through early May to really get the full experience of what it's like to be on campus. Our campus is straddling two towns; Bridgeport and Fairfield. The main campus is located in fairfield however some housing is located in bridgeport, such as Roncalli which is just across the street from our main campus. There isn't much to do immediately outside campus, but the SHU shuttle service provides students with transportation to the Trumbull mall, stop and shop, as well as shaws, among others, and on occasion there is a special shuttle that takes students to downtown Fairfield which has shops and restaurants and is just minutes away from the beach. The Administration here at Sacred Heart is impeccable. They always have the interest of the students at heart, and they will go above and beyond to make sure that the students are receiving their every need. I think some of the most frequent student complaints are about the dining hall. The food isn't bad by any means, on the contrary it's actually very good but I think that it being the only option for meals makes some students sick of it very quickly. The dining hall which the students call "FLIK" (which is the catering sevice that provides the food) serves hot meals everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner, pizza, sandwiches, there is a salad bar, deli station, a sushi station, and a frozen yogurt machine. There is also Outtakes which is mere feet from FLIK which has pre made sandwiches, starbuck's coffee, fruit, as well as snacks, and frozen dinners. Outtakes is great for when you need a quick snack or a coffee on the way to class, and it's included on the SHU mean plan. Also whats started to happen is that SHU id cards are being accepted to use as a kind of debit card at certain places around town. I know that in the food court at the Trumbull mall certain places accept it and at the tanning salon Heat Wave in Fairfield. If you are interested in Sacred Heart I really recommend coming on a tour of the campus to experience the atmostphere firsthand.


basically this school is the perfect size. theres not much to do on the weekends besides go to the Page, or just drink in your room. Theres a lot of drugs available on campus and security is a joke here. Also parking is horrible.


The best thing about Sacred Heart is willingness of the professors to help. Almost every professor will make time to provide 1 on 1 time for students to recieve extra halp. Mens Basketball is the heart and soul of the university. Students look foward to attenting games and supporting the University as it enters playoffs. The Pitt-center becomes electric. Some students feel that since they pay so much money to attend the University they should be able to do what they please, when they please. WRONG! The University holds true to its standards on alcohol and drugs. It doesn't matter how much you pay, if your under 21 you shouldn't be trying to get drunk and run crazy. The food can be good at times but is very expensive. I know alot of students who run out of money on there meal plan before the semester is out.


the best thing about sacred heart is the academics. i could do without the people sometimes, but usually people have a good heart, they just get caught up in drama. I would change the attitude of a lot of people. The school is just the right size. When i tell people that i go to scared heart, they usually say "is that in bridgeport?" I spend most of my time in mahog (which should be bigger than it is) and the library. The administration here takes over the students a lot of the time. If a student reserves the window across from the factory, but then the administration needs it.. they tell the students "oh sorry, you cant have it anymore". There is a lot of school pride but it's diming down because it's getting overly expensive. The most frequent student complaints are that everything is too expensive, including books, tuition, getting a new meal card even if we havent lost it but it just isnt work anymore and having to pay $20 for it.


I think Sacred Heart is a very good school. I enjoy it alot and because of it's small size it makes it easy to find your way.


One of the things that I love about Sacred Heart is the sense of community you feel the moment you walk onto campus. The main academic building is always busy with one event or another, and you can always find a group of people to relax with in the Mahogany room.


The best thing about Sacred Heart is that it was the best fit for me. It is Academically challeging but all the professor i have had has helped me get through it and make the adjustment from being a highschool student to a college student. One thing i would change is i would have the transit bus run until 2a.m on the weekends so that kids can get back and forth to new haven. The school size is just right not too small but not too big. when i tell people to go to sacred heart they always say they have heard good things about SHU. i spend most of my time in seton and merton becuase that is where all of my friends are. one experience that i will always remember is meeting my college friends and knowing that i will be friends with them most likely for the rest of my life.


The best thing about Sacred Heart is that the community is small enough that you are able to recognize people. SHU is very active in making a difference in the Bridgeport Community. It's a little drive to get into down-town Fairfield, where all the cute little shops and awesome restaurants are. The best experience at SHU that I will always remember is being a part of Residential Life. I am an RA in the freshmen building and I enjoy the social aspect of it. I have a great staff. I can rely on them to get things done and support me when I need it.


Some people believe that Sacred Heart is way too small and that it is like a high school, but I came from a really small town and I think Sacred Heart is a perfect fit. There are enough students that you are always seeing and meeting new people. Unfortunately, the school is located on the border of Bridgeport which has some bad areas and most of the bars are in those areas. Things are definitly improving and students are always finding new things to do. The shuttle service is great because it brings students everywhere from Stop & Shop to the mall. School pride has definitly increased in the past few years as our sports teams, mainly basketball and hockey have advanced into tournaments.


Sacred Heart for me is a perfect size. I like the fact that when I walk down the hallway, I know someone. When people hear that I go Sacred Heart, they usually say "Wheres That?" I dont spend too much time on campus but when I am on campue, its for class or when i am eating. One thing I would change on campus is by definitely putting a Hockey rink on the campus itself. Womens hockey and Mens hockey would have so many more fans if the rink was on campus. The most frequent student complaint is definitely the lack of parking spots.


The best thing about Sacred Heart is the small, intimate campus. You always see friends in the hallway and you feel like you belong. I feel the size is just right. It is not too small that people are overcrowded, but it is not too big that you feel like you don't belong. There is also ALWAYS something to do on campus and activities held off campus too, such as trips to Broadway or Boston. There is a ton of school pride, especially during basketball and hockey season. As part of the pep band, it is so much fun with everyone cheering for the Pioneers.


Sacred Heart is not a large school, but not a small one either. It is easy to find your way around and people are very friendly. If any student needs help in any way there is always someone who is available to help whether it is a professor, a mentor, or counselor.


Sacred Heart is awesome. Perhaps it could use a wider range of food options, or some more hosing and parking, but it is still amazing. The teachers actually know you by face and name, and not just the ones you have for class. You get to know everyone and the school is so diverse it has plenty of groups for everyone. I personally took on a lot of classes and clubs and work (a job) for my schedule, so I spend most of my time in the main academic building in class, in a club meeting, doing some event, or just doing work. I don't have a roommate, so I don't spend much time in my dorm, I like being around my friends between classes, just talking and working. You even find your self around the professors and staff members that you end up striking up conversation with them randomly. I think the administration is fantastic, here at Sacred Heart. Everyone is always willing to help out with anything you may need, wether is be classes, housing, finances, work, just to talk, or whatever. The school is definitely there for its students. One experience I will always remember will probobly be the first home football game of the year. It was my frist weekend at Sacred Heart, and an upperclassmen offered to take me to the game, to get me involved so I wouldn't sit in my dorm my first weekend at college. It was so crowded and so hot, everyone was buying water for everyone else. It was like one big family cheering on the football team that day. We were chanting, roaring, and the mascott was all over the place, just jumping around, hugging everyone, getting the crowd so loud. It was like a sea of red just so excited. We won the game too! The only complaint I hear repeated is how the food service is on a different schedule then some of students, putting out mean corses at times when many are in class, or when it closes before the last class of the night gets out. Other than that, I don't hear many complaints, and I am always on the main campus in the main building.


As a transfer student, I didn't think I'd find friends but everyone was really nice and cool. They welcomed me immediately and I feel like I've been here all year with them. Best thing about Sacred Heart is the sense of community.