Sacred Heart University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Sacred Heart University is an institustion where students are encouraged to get invovled and be active in and out of the classroom. A student who is not willing to participate in extra cirrircular activies and be invovled in the Bridgeport Community should not attend Sacred Heart. If a student plans to only attend classes and go back to their room after without engaging with other students, then they will not enjoy all the benefits of Sacred Heart. A person with who does not feel excitment by getting invovled would not want to attend Sacred Heart.


Someone that is looking for a huge college with really big classes where the professor won't know if you're there or not. Sacred Heart requires students to miss no more than 3 classes in each one of their classes.


Someone who wants a campus with fun nightlife


People who feel they should go home every weekend instead of getting involved.


The type of person who should not attend this university is one who figures they can skip class and still pass; the classes are too small to do that. If you are not one to participate in extra-curriculars or have a problem with Catholicism, then this is not the school for you.


Those lacking self motivation, and not realizing the importance of attending classes regularly need not apply! Work is challenging, but many resourses are available for all who seek help. If you like being hidden in the crowd or being a silent observer in the classroom, Sacred Heart University probably isn't the best fit.


There are people here that are all different and it seems that everyone has found the social group that they know they should belong to.


Someone who is very different from normal upper middle class families should not attend. They will be surrounded by people they've rebelled against their entire lives. and they will not enjoy their time here.