Sacred Heart University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the loving professors who take the time out of their day to make sure the concepts taught are learned.


In my opinion, Sacred Heart University is perfect for me because it is relatively close to home, has Nursing as a major, and is surrounded by some of the best hosiptals to get experience from.


The best thing about my school is the fact that the professors really care about my development not at a student but as an individual.


The people here are very helpful!! The nursing program is very difficult but it is preparing me well for my exams and my nursing career


This school is a HBCU which means a Historically Black College & University. I decided to go here because it's a lot different than where I live which was more multi-cultural. I love this experience so far because the teachers are amazing. They want us to succeed and it's very encouraging they are "hip" to technology and use texting and emailing as a way to communicate with them as well as facebook too.


What I would consider the best thing about my school is the sense of community that is instilled in the student body. I live on campus, but it is sometimes hard to distinguish between those who live on campus and those who commute. All students seem to be equally involved with Sacred Heart, and likewise share a strong school spirit that makes Sacred Heart such a wonderful place to go to school.


The area it's in. Close to New Haven (city), close to Fairfield Beaches, shuttles to the ferry/trainstation. Big mall and shopping strips (food, clothes, banks, etc) 5 minutes from campus. Not too far away from my house, close to alot of friends schools as well.


Small campus. Everything is within a 5-minute walk of everything else. The biggest perk the school offers is its small size.


The people are very inviting and everyone seems to get along with almost everyone.


they have a 95percent rate of finding a job within 6 months of graduation


While the majority of student body consumes alcohol, most students find a way to balance it well with school work and manage to maintain respectable (in some cases even impressive) GPAs. The school emphasizes the importance of finding a satisfactory post-education career, and it is clearly reflected in the attitude of the student-body. In high school, there were students that could be lazy and still get good grades (this includes myself), but at Sacred Heart, to get good grades you need to really make the effort to pay attention and study well before exams.