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Describe your favorite campus traditions.

Saddleback is amazing because it offers great programs taught by knowledgeable professors for a cheap price. It prepares you for your career goals or transfering to a 4-year university. Saddleback is in the beautiful town of Mission Viejo, California. The campus is clean and it has amedeites that are useful for the students. Saddleback is open to all students, old and young, white, black, asian, kids with special needs, etc. I love Saddleback College and can't wait to see where it will take me!

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Saddleback College is best known for preparing and transfering students onto their next level of education. I feel that Saddleback has adequately prepared me to be succsessful at the next level. And according to my peers, it has for them as well.

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Athletics is probably what the school is best known for, along with being one of the best academic community colleges on the west coast. Also it is known to have a large amount of good looking women.

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