Saddleback College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school would be the Learning Resource Center. Within the Learning Resource Center there is a tutoring center that all students have access to. The Tutoring Center is free to all students,the only requirement is that you add the ticket number to your class schedule. I have found the Tutoring Center to be extremely helpful in explaining math confusing math concepts. In addition, the tutors will proofread my assignments for my English classes and tell me what I need to fix. It is because of the tutoring Center that I am succesful in my classes.


The best thing about my school is the staff. I love my english professor and my math professor. They are kind and have plenty of meaningful things to say.


The best thing about Saddleback is the class structure and helpfulness of the professors. I have never learned so much so fast and been confident about it. The professors will go into detail and help you through anything, something I did not expect at a community college.


The best thing about Saddleback College is its easy ability to sign up for certain classes that I need to take.


The best thing about the community college is the cost of tuition. In comparison to the university, I have saved thousands of dollars.


Saddleback College is a beautiful campus with many things to offer. The campus is very large and quite the picture, very green and clean. The instructors and professors are extreamly friendly and very helpful, I have never been told that they can't help me. So, I truely cannot pick just one thing about my school that I love the most, Saddleback is a well rounded superior expience and I absolutly love it.

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