SAE Expression College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First I would tell myself to look into in-state colleges. Sit with a counselor or teacher who I am comfortable with and discuss in-state colleges with a great social work program. Consider community colleges where the tuition is not expensive and who has transfer programs to guarentee your credits are transferred over. The second most important thing I would tell myself is to better understand financial aid. Research federal aid and how it works. Find out about aggregate loan limits as well as alternatives to loans. Apply for scholarships and program that will help me not just prepare but get through college. The most important thing I would tell myself is dont be afraid to ask for help. Use my resources around me. Don't be scared to go to those who want to see me doing good and ask for there advice, help and imput.


I would tell my high school self not to rush into anything you are not completely committed to. At 18 I committed to the University of Portland where I would study english. Though I obtained my BA in 4 years I came out of college equally confused and lost as when I had first entered. The reason for this is I was unaware of what path I should take. I took the path I believed I was supposed to take. My message to my younger self would be to slow down, take your time, and hone in on exactly what your passion is. Once I'd done this I would have myself formulate a feasable plan, step by step, of how to use this passion to accomplish my goals. Setting goals, short and long-term, listing them out, and figuring out how to achieve them is the best way I have found of organizing my future. Now, at 24, I have done all of these things which is how I came to apply to Ex-presseion College. I can use my passion to turn my goals into a reality. I graduated college unmotivated. Imagine what I can when motivated.


The advice I would give to my younger high school self, is save your money for later and start working as soon as you can. this is so that I/he will not be troubled by the lack of money for college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself in my senior year, I would tell myself to be prepared for a bruised ego. At my highschool I was the on at the top of the music department. I was the best at playing bass, and played a number of other different instruments. At the end of the year I even won the music departments award, something that is handed out to only one student per graduating class. I am not saying that I had a huge ego, but I was on top of my own little world. But when I came to this school, I realized that there are hundreds of people who are more talented than me. And at first, this hurt. I saw what my classmates were doing with music and art and became jealous and highly insecure. This continued until fairly recently. I realized that this shouldn't be hurting, I should be inspired by these people. I should be striving and improving myself in my own field so that I can be the best here. So I would tell myself to knock off this small ego and get to work if I could.


Well, I'm just starting my college journey at Ex'pressions and I feel like I have a great future ahead of me. I know I will have the space and encouragement to grow as an artist and excel as an animator. I have a stronger sence of self, I'm confident I will be successful through my years at this school and in my career to follow. Even with the challanges of returning to school as an adult I know I will do well. Having a family drives me even more.


I have recently returned from Vancouver, Canada after attending a semester at Vancouver Film School. Due to medical and financial issues, I came back home. What I experienced there will forever change my life. I now realize just how important going to college is. Weather it is the people you meet and make connections with, or learning as much as you can manage. I had many life changing experiences up there in the little amount of time given. I am glad to be home, but am ready to take college by the horns and begin my career. I am looking for any and all the scholarships i can ear, due to the money I have lost from un-enrolling from Vancouver Film School. I want to make something of myself, I want a great career and education, I just don't have the money. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am starting Ex'pression college on September 16, 2010.


If I could go back and time and talk to my high school senior self I would tell him/me a few things. First I would explain how I was able to time travel because that would be extremely handy. But on a more serious note I would warn myself that collage won?t be what you see on TV or in the movies. There will be moments when you think you?re in way over your head, just like you have in high school, but in the end you will be fine. When you make a fool of yourself, and you will, just remember everyone does at some point. College is filled with life experiences, some you should pass up and others you will remember forever. I would assure myself that leaving home would only give me the opportunity to find a new one.


I would tell myself to kick myself into shape, mentally. You need to be motivated in order to succeed. Also, bring an open mind and a positive attitude towards every class. Stay fresh and happy.