SAE Expression College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


for students focused on updating their skillset to be competetive in this digitized age, Ex-pression College is a perfect fit. Nowadays jobs have evolved with technology. It is imperative to develop and evolve with technology to be competetive in in the modern job market. Learning the digital arts is one of the safest and most guaranteed methods of giving yourself the best chance to succeed. The best thing about Ex-pressions is that it does just that: eqip students a skillsset to be competetive in the modern digitized age.


The best aspect which Ex'pression has to offer is the five week condensed classes which allows me to complete a B.A.S. program in two and a half years. I will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of game design and produce a reel representing my professional work. I feel can let my creativity flourish in that type of environment.


The experience and atmosphere. The school is flowing with creativity and you can feel that when you're there. Also the teachers are professional and very helpful.