Saginaw Valley State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Saginaw Valley State University is a wonderful college with intelligent professors and small class sizes.


SVSU's campus is very beautiful! Trees and vegetation are abundant but controlled. The area by the art building is decorated with sculptures inside and outside. Probably my favorite part of the school's look is the entrance. A curved rectangle with "Saginaw Valley State University" printed across, sits on pillars. On either side there is a pond with gushing fountains. On nice days it isn't uncommon to see ducks swimming and people fishing. Benches are plentiful as well, so students can sit in serene areas and study. The courtyard is always freshly cut and vividly green. Watching the mass amount of trees change colors in the fall is always fun as well.


This is a campus that is very close knit and is small for a reason; it promotes unity.


Welcoming and inviting and easy to meet new people. NIce professor's wanting to see you succeed.


A fun, friendly, school effiecient atmosphere. Just the right size classes and campus. Well imformed teachers and staff that are always willing to help. One on one attention and tutoring if needed.


Saginaw Valley State University is a school of academic excellence and the family-like community seems to be growing rapidly.


fun and energetic with a friendly enviorment


An excellent alternative to the overly large universities, which will still provide a first rate education.


My school is medium sized and is very diverse.


It's kept very clean.




SVSU is a small-medium sized university and pretty ethnically and racially diverse.