Saginaw Valley State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Saginaw Valley students are upbeat, fun, and always willing to help a fellow Cardinal out with school work or extracurricular activities.


My classmates are eager to learn and excited to graduate and begin their careers.


Overall, they were fun and nice to be around.


The students at Saginaw Valley State University are extremely nice and friendly


They were friendly students in similar situations that I was in. They were relatable, and I made a few close friends.


Once people get into their major's coursework, classmates are very friendly and can be very good study partners or new friends.


My classmates were open minded, diverse, and unique in their own way. I heard many different stories and viewpoints on different life occurances and it allowed me to diversify my life a little.


Th ey are very friendly.


They wear casual clothes during class and they are few professional class they are required to wear business casual.


There is great diversity at SVSU. All different races, religions, cultures, etc. I think SVSU does a good job trying to embrace the diversity. We actually have an office called Multicultural Servies that often puts on events relating to different cultures and gets people to be accepting and excited about different types of people. I have never personally witnessed a negative sitution involving racism or predjudice.


The classmates who attend Saginaw Valley State University, want the same thing. We all want to end up successful in our future and believe that SVSU is the university that will allow us to do so. My classmates at SVSU are all comfortable with each other because we form a type of family, having more than one class with each other, allowing us to all express our own opinions.


My classmates are friendly, motivated, and inteligent. They seem to be after the same thing I am, our degrees. The majority of them are from the Detroit are, whereas I'm from the Grand Rapids area. Also, many of them, my roommates included, party a lot. and being that I do not enjoy going to parties and drinking, it has made it challenging regarding developing close relationships with some of my fellow classmates.


My classmates seem interested in learning and tend to show up to class nearly all the time.


My classmates are insightful, intelligent people which is nice change of pace because my classmates in high school were ignorant arrogant asses.


My classmates are a set of different individuals who wants the same thing that I want in life.


My classmates are very helpful and unique.


For the most part SVSU is a pretty diverse campus. There are student orgs (RSOs) for pretty much anything. That includes Race(NPHC), Religious(Catholics on Campus, Cru, His House), LGBT (Gay-Straight Alliance), and the like. As far as politics there are both Democratic and Republican groups on campus. The presidential election was a very exciting time on campus.


Goal oriented people who enjoy the company of others, eager to learn, and eager to offer a helping hand.


My classmates are enthusiastic about learning and they seem very skilled and competent.


Caring, hardworking individuals who do care about the success of others around them, as well as their own.


A bit of everything; some care, some don't, etc.


My classmates are very focused individuals with a wide variety of academic programs of study.