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All of the small classes that are here at SVSU is definitely unique compared to other schools that i considered


Saginaw Valley provides a unique experience by having smaller classes with more one on one interaction with the professor. Faculty here are very interested in hearing student opinions and leave class open to discussion of the material. Most professors allow you to email or even call them with questions or concerns. Everybody knows everybody at Saginaw Valley.


This is the first university I've attended.


As much as I might whine on the other posts, I really do love my school. I've lived in great places, had great roommates, made great friends in my classes, have had great teachers, am in a great educational program, met my amazing boyfriend, joined clubs, gotten several on campus jobs, and so much more... GO CARDS!


It's the perfect size four year instutution.


SVSU is unique for its smaller class sizes and the numerous resources available to students. Not to mention the registration and financial aid department are on top of everything and seem to process information much faster and accurately than other colleges.


The class sizes stay around 30 people per class, in lectures the most people you would have is 70. It's a very personal school where you can meet a ton of people and actually see them again on campus a number of times, instead of getting lost in the crowd of a larger school.


It's a great day to be a Cardinal! :-D


I loved the idea of the size and location of this school. It has a large student population and campus, which is what I grew up with in my highschool. However, most schools that boast about size and population are, in my opinion, so big that I would feel lost and overwhelmed. The location, as well, is a great medium. The location in the tri-city area makes it great as a commuting school for many student, not too far away from my hometown resulting in easy visits home, but still far enough to be going away to school.


I have found that professors here truly do care about the students and it's great to walk down the hall and have a professor not only recognize you but stop to chat.


SVSU was a place that many people could feel valued and important. It was a place where everyone could be involved and be a leader.


SVSU is traditionally a commuter school that is slowly turning into a typical undergraduate institution. It's very small, but has excellent access to technology. The dorms are much better than any other undergraduate dorms I've ever seen.


SVSU is within driving distance from where I live and it is the cheapest public university in the State of Michigan. I am very familiar with the Saginaw area and have many friends in the area, so that influenced my decision to stay local. Also, my majors are in the liberal arts category, so it's pretty easy to major in them anywhere.


Not sure, other than the fact I'm comfortable here.