Saginaw Valley State University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Classes are difficult without being impossible. You have to put in the work to get good grades and to learn the material, but professors are there to help you with anything you are struggling with. There have only been a couple of classes that I have had that I feel like all I got from the class was the credits - but I feel that that is to be expected at any college, no university is perfect. Taking notes, going to class, and figuring out what the professors teaching style is like early, are the most important things to success in any college class - including those here at SVSU. Students participate in class discussions and even if it is not on the topic that we were originally talking about, interesting conversations and debates arise in classes.


One great thing about SVSU is the class atmosphere. First of all, most classes range from 25-35ish students. This is wonderfully small compared to big universities that have class in lecture halls with 70-plus students at least. At SVSU the class feel is much more personal and welcoming. The professors know students names, which can be a HUGE advantage. Developing a strong professional relationship with instructors is a big help for class and in the future. Another thing I love about my classes is that there is a wide range to pick from, even within my major. As a Criminal Justice major I can take classes relating to courts, or corrections, or policing, or even research. These help me to specialize in what I am truly interested in, which in turn results in my increase in enjoyment of classes. Most classes count at 3 or 4 credits, and 12 credits is the minimum to be considered full-time (while 18 is usually the max allowed per semester). Each major and minor has specific number of credits required, and the University requires that at least one class in each of 10 categories must also be completed for General Education requirements. Gen Eds can often overlap with some you may need for your major though, which is always nice! My freshman year at orientation I was helped in picking classes and learning to register online. The following semester I felt like I could use some guidance again though, and I visited the Academic Advising Office (free of charge to students). They helped me plan out classes I should take and when. Overall, I like my classes and professors.