Saginaw Valley State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell my friends how much I love my psychology class and how fasinating the subject and the professor are.


I am most likely to brag about the relatively low cost of this school compared to other 4-year universities.


I brag about it being a small campus that's easy to get around. Also I love to brag about the housing. We have the best housing in Michigan.


The small campus size which gives students the opportunity for individualized learning. As well as professors and staff knowing your name because of the small campus.


Social Lofe


I brag about most the availability of the professors and the smaller classroom settings that provide a better atmosphere for hands on learning with discussions, etc. Many friends are in univsersities with lectures of 200+ people and they find it hard to feel like they matter.


Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) has the great advantage of being a university but the intimacy of a community college. I am a new student at SVSU but feel at home on campus; every staff or faculty member whom I have came in contact with has been exceptional with their assistance and knowledge.


There is not much to brag about when it comes to my friends. The things they say about their school is mostly just partying all the time, and so I guess I brag and say we do not have parties every weekend which leaves more time to study.


When I discuss my school with others, I tell them how much I have explored different avenues of life and learned so many new things about myself. I am excited about school because it has transformed me into a new, better person. When I share this with others, they sense that positive energy and it makes them willing to try college as well!


Saginaw Valley has wonderful professors, academic counselors, and staff. In my two years at Saginaw Valley I did not have a single problem regarding professors, financial aid services, or any other service offered. Saginaw Valley also has many activities for students and an excellent sports and fitness complex.


The thing I brag most to my friends about my school is how amazing the food and cafeteria is around campus. The cafeteria has lots of room for all the students but is still cozy. In addtion, there are several different options for food each day. For example, there is always a salad bar, fruit bar, sandwich station, pizza, and several more too choose from. Having a nutrious meal is very important to your education and success at the school.


There's so many on-campus activities to do during the week that it's hard to be "bored" between that and studying for classes. If you haven't made any friends here, you haven't done ANYTHING. Many people here are so easy to talk to and I believe everyone can find people who will become their best friend for life.


Coming from a small farm community, I tend to brag about the small class sizes and the availability of one-on-one interaction with my professors. I feel it has given me a better quality of education, and I push graduating students I know towards SVSU. I always feel that the professors genuinely care about the students, on both an academic and personal level. That's the kind of care I don't feel I would have received at a larger university.


The class sizes and the dorms.


I brag about the fact of having a university where people care about where you are and how you are doing unlike their university.


I am able to walk to every place located on campus and my class sizes are not too big. I also live on campus in housing that looks like an apartment.


Good teaching staff and small classes.


Small classes


When I brag to my friends I tell them how short the walks are between buildings and the low cost of tuition.


I have a lot of fun here.