Saginaw Valley State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Since I commute I am not on campus enough to know. However, as far as I can tell there is only one stereotype: those who live on campus and those that do not.


When I decided to go to Saginaw Valley, I knew a lot of people from small towns who went to or were going to go to Saginaw Valley. It seemed like the type of school us country bumpkins would fit in at quite well. Upon actually coming to Saginaw Valley, myself and people from my home town do fit in well, but not because the school is full of farmers. We have people from all walks of life: jocks, frat boys, nerds, and hipsters. A large amount of people come from the surrounding areas (as commuters), but there are also a lot of people from Detroit, the upper peninsula, the west side of the state, out of state, and even foreign countries. If the stereotype happens to be that people at Saginaw Valley are awesome and welcoming, well, I would have to say that that is accurate.


Saginaw Valley has a large commuter student population. So it's often thought that most SVSU students are the non-traditional students--- older adults returning for a degree. And since we are a commuter school there was not be many on campus activities right? WRONG! SVSU has 150+ student organizations and it is very easy to start a new club that shares your interests. We also have a great center for working of the extra pounds and a swimming pool. There is a biking path nearby. Every Thursday night a free movie is shown and campus and there are lots of speakers/ free shows and music department concerts. There is always something happening on our small campus!


I believe SVSU's students are stereotyped as being hard workers that are willing to do what it takes to earn a degree. I believed we are respected in our community. This stereotype is accurate.


As many schools, there are groups of people that tend to hang out together at SVSU. Sure, there are your Frats. But the funny thing is, I have met some that aren't all too bad and don't fit the stereotype. There are the geeks, and stoners, jocks... of the typical college.


There are not really stereotypes of the student body as a whole at SVSU


The stereotypical student at SVSU is most typically said to be a "small town kid." Like an university you are going to have a diverse group of students. Saginaw Valley's current student range from all over the state. Some of these people may come from High School's with a graduating class of under 100, but does this by no means represent the general student body. The "small town" stereotype probably arises most from the fact that here at SVSU we are a close knit group. It is not uncommon to know someone from every single major, athletic team, or organization.


Common classifications of kids at SVSU include the Asians, Jesus lovers, athletes, and Greeks. A majority of the internationals live in Pine Grove, so if you live out there it is easy to see how there seems to be a ton because of the high concentration in a small are, As for the Christians, there are 8 different religious groups and they meet almost every day of the week, which provide options for everyone. There are lots of different sports teams, both varsity, club, and intermural. Being D-2 is great because it gives those in high school who want to stay active but do not have the ability to play at a higher ranked college the chance to continue sports.SVSU doesn't have the Greek life that most schools do. There are no houses and only a few national fraternities and sororities. They are very active on campus though, with parties held off campus.


People stick around in their own social cycles among different students from different places. It is kind of accurate.


There are a few stereotypes of the school and the students here at SVSU. First of all, Saginaw has a bad reputation in Michigan, and many people think the students are "bad seeds" and "troublesome." This is COMPLETELY UNTRUE! SVSU has great students and staff. We techincally are located in University Center, MI, which is inbetween Saginaw and Bay City. And I think any student choosing to recieve a higher education is anything but troublesome. Second stereotype is that SVSU students are unintelligent and slackers. SVSU is a relatively small, and unknown university. It might not have the prestige of a Big 10 school but it is NOT a school full of slackers. The students here often come from low income families and are some of the hardest workers I've ever seen. Many come from families that did go to college and are trying to break the mold. As I said before, anyone going through high education should be respected no matter which college it is. People say "you won't get into a good grad school if you go to SVSU" but I say that's bologna! Plenty of students have gone off to wonderful grad schools and are fulfilling their dreams. It's about the substance of your accomplishments more than the location. SVSU is a great school and has enrollment continuing to grow every year. I am proud to be a Cardinal every day!