Saginaw Valley State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The ideal student for Saginaw Valley State University is someone who is looking for small class sizes, high faculty involvement, and modern, up to date dorm rooms and campus.


Any person wanting to pursue a strong college education and learn from some of the friendliest and helpful professors in the state of Michigan. Our facilities are great and the atmosphere is inviting to anyone who wants to be a part of a great college experience.


To attend college in general a person should be focused and prepared. In my opinion to attend SVSU a person should be ready for a close network of people ready to help.


A person with a big drive for success and loyalty should attend this school.


The kind of person who attends Saginaw Valley State University is one who cares more about their education then their "night life". This person also understands the value of family. I say this because SVSU is not the largest college and for the majority of classes you at least know one person. We all become a family.


Anyone could attend this school. It's a peaceful campus and if you are like me who did not want to be overwhelmed by a big campus then SVSU is for you.


Any type of person should come to SVSU, the campus is open and inviting. There will be a spot for every person to fit in, no one is left out.


Someone that is not at the top of their class already should useSvsu as a stepping stone school!


If you are a person who plans to attend Saginaw Valley State University you should definitely be a dedicated person, who is concentrated on bettering their future. A person who can deny the peer pressures of life and look ahead to what is really important to help you be successfull in your career and your life.


People who want to succeed in life


Someone who is serious about getting a good education.


Anyone and everyone. This school is really open and you can find may other people just like you at this university. There are club sports from dodgeball to horse back riding. There is something for everyone to do on campus. We have great dorms that are set up like apartments. We have almost any degree imaginable.


It is a great university, as with anything it needs some improvement in areas. I played softball here and my coach was great in making sure that we did whatever we needed to do. I would have liked to be closer to home but other than that it was a great place!


Someone who is looking for a school that is very reasonable in cost, offers a wide variety of activities to do on campus, and likes classes that are small and personal between attendants. Saginaw Valley State University is a very good school, it isn't too large that you are just another number, but not small enough where you know everyone, just right. Overall it's just a really good school that pushes you to be the best you can be.


Someone who is looking for a good education and a social life with lasting friends.


A person looking to stay close to home or venture out into Michigan. You get all 4 seasons here so you have to like weather. Other than that it's very diverse and the professors treat everyone with the same respect.


Students that want the entire college experience at a lower cost. There are many on campus activities and groups the are completely free. There are also many opportunities to travel abroad or to make a difference in the university. Most of the on-campus university positions are filled by 2nd year students. This just shows that there are opportunities for anyone to make a change.


someone who is willing to learn and make friends at the same time. this school is very social oriented, and most people learn not only from the professors here but from eachother. People who think they are going to come to saginaw valley and slack off normally change their attitude a few weeks into the first semester