Saginaw Valley State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I can't think of anyone who would not fit in here at SVSU. Students vary from middle-aged french transfer students to domestic returning students, and all our classic students from here and abroad. The faculty, professors and other employees, are also diverse and very kind. Everyone gets along very nicely. Those who won't succede here are the students who don't take learning to its potential, only taking one class and having no involvement in the school or graduating, and graduate students seeking high-level degrees.


A person who loves a big campus with a lot of parties.


SVSU is a multicultural campus without limits. There is a niche and a place for everyone from different socioeconomic status to differing backgrounds and it would be extremely hard to "not fit it" at SVSU. They only conditional requirement a prospective student has is if a consistent warm and sunny climate is high on their priority list Michigan might not cut it given that the high today is a beautiful 24 degrees!


Unmotivated people should not attend this school. You need to participate in your classes and complete assignments in order to pass. This school is kind of challenging it's not just a party all the time. People that are easily drawn into drinking should carefully choose a school because there is a lot of drinking around and many of the people who have gotten caught up in excessive drinking do not do well or pass here.


Someone who wants a big college experience, someone who wants a strongly liberal group of peers.


Someone who wants a school with better technology then other school, who likes a medium size school, and one who is patient enough to find a parking spot.