Saginaw Valley State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Saginaw Valley State University was very informative of the different programs available to me as a future student. Though, before I attended college I wish I would have taken a better look at what I was interested in, instead of what my family and friends expected of me. If I would have started college with a better idea of who I am as a person, I believe I would have found my major. Once I figured out what I really wanted I built up confidence and became more successful in my schooling.


I wish I had known that classes were not offered every semester and that could affect when a person can graduate.


Not a whole lot. I haven't been disappointed with much at this school. It's been great to me and so has my athletic experience here. The only thing I can think of is more possible scholarships to apply for because with the economy being rough right now, money is always an issue.


Before I came to the school, I wish I knew that even when it seems like the school isn't distracting it is. That any little thing can distract you simply because your away from home.


I think I had the right amount of knowledge about the school before attending. I wasn't really surprised or disappointed about anything. Maybe just more about study abroad programs.


I wish i had known about their greek life more.


What i wish i would have know that the advisors are there for you one hundred percent and the teachers are very nice and welcoming, the students are from a very wide variety and nice as well.


I wish I had known all the information available for financial aid, including scholarships and grants. I tried to "go it alone" far too much. The counsellors are very helpful and the online site provides alot of scholarship information and links to apply.


I wish I had more knowledge of biology. I felt that I wasn't taught about the different aspects of the human body as much as the rest of my peers.


I wish I knew how to manage my time more efficently. I have learned that in order to be successful in college, one must have excellent time management skills. I also wish I knew how to take notes more efficently. This is beacuse professors sometimes ramble on through lectures and I sometimes missed important information. Lucky for me, my school offerd workshops that help students better develop these skills and I have benefited greatly from them.


I wish I would have taken more general eduation courses taken. What mean by general education courses are math, science, and social studies.


How cold it was here


How different the transition is after High School to college. You meet many different people of races and cultures and it's very wonderful to be diversified. This campus is dead on the weekend! Boo.


More about the food throughout the school year, not just on tour dates.


That to get into "town" you needed to have a car availble.


I wish I had known a little bit more about their financial aid requirements. As a senior in high school, I could have received a much larger amount of scholarship money if I had known that all I needed was five tenths of a grade point higher than what I had. It would have made a huge difference in affording this university.


I wish I would have known that college is fun without drinking. In High School everyone thinks that you can only have fun at college if you drink. There is a lot of on campus things to do that do not involve drinking.